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File: Dominos Beta07-14-12
Issues with Bars and Pet Battle system
Posted By: Tadedra
When in the pet battles, the bars cover the pet battle bar. Maybe a Deactive while in pet battle check box might be a not so quick fix. Plus if you need any suggestions for Pet Battle Domino bar options let me know I would love to help as it will be my Cap Level passion.
File: Dominos07-08-12
Hearthed to Stormwind on the beta
Posted By: Tadedra
Got a Domino Error, this is my only addon I'm using. Not very good at knowing what you might be needing for everything but it does this when I port from Stormwind to Pandaria or if it was something I might have done. Again this is the only addon I have in the beta right now. Message: Interface\AddOns\Dominos_XP\xp.lua:224: Div...
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced03-24-12
Request on the wishlist
Posted By: Tadedra
Hi, I'm still learning the system but I was just wondering, is there a way to set a priority list. So I can have say 5 different rings and then rank them (like mr. robot for example) in the order I want. Then once I get one of the rings on my list I can easily see and remove those of a lower priority. On that vain, I'm looking...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant11-12-11
Re:Puzzle could not be solved with the use of keystones
Posted By: Tadedra
It works that way but it doesn't fix the problem, only bypasses it. Thank you. Thanks for this. Wish there was a fix though
File: LootWatch Cataclysm08-07-11
I do like the addon and it's very s...
Posted By: Tadedra
I do like the addon and it's very simple to use and cleaner. I have a suggestion: Would it be possilbe to add a Turn on/off feature so anything that is looted starts being tracked. How this would be useful: When prospecting/milling or DeEnchanting. Turning on the LW would allow you to Mill a bag full of herbs for someone...
File: Breakables08-06-11
Hi, I love this addon. I have...
Posted By: Tadedra
Hi, I love this addon. I have two suggestions/requests. Is it possible to do a right click to compress inventory if you have ArkInventory? Maybe a separate plug in? Is there a way to hide the tool tip of the item or add a modifier to show it like Ctrl or shift when you are milling/DE/Propsecting the item? It gets in the...
File: Broker_Everything07-02-11
It must be saved variables. I thou...
Posted By: Tadedra
It must be saved variables. I thought I cleaned up my main's variables but must not have. I make new toons after a patch to go through each addon and I don't have any errors on my new toon so I'll just fiddle some more with my WTF and figure it out. Thanks.
File: Broker_Everything06-29-11
Getting Error with Mouseovers
Posted By: Tadedra
Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\Broker_Everything.lua:50: bad argument #2 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Count: 1 Call Stack: : ? : in function `format' ...rface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\Broker_Everything.lua:50: in function `dkyellow' Interface\AddOns\Broker_Everything\modules\gps.lua:89: in function
File: Reagent Restocker06-25-11
Buying food/water
Posted By: Tadedra
is there a way to have it sell food and water except for the food that is just below your level. Meaning if you are 42 you keep everything you need for level 35. Then when you ding 45, you can auto buy a set amount of lvl 45 food/water, while adding the 35lvl food/water to the auto sell. I think this would be very helpful for...
File: WhisperWhisper05-01-11
hi, love the addon. Would you c...
Posted By: Tadedra
hi, love the addon. Would you consider adding a time stamp by the name so at a glace a person can see when the whisper was sent. EX: Tadedra 12:30 11/12/11. My husband signs me in so he can raid on his own at times. Then when I log in I see a whisper and think I missed it only to realize I wasn't the one logged in at t...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant02-13-11
Suggestion if you have a slow moment
Posted By: Tadedra
Is there any way to add the closest Horde or Alliance flight plan to your tool tip of the dig sites (faction directed of course). I realize that time is money friends so thank you for the wonderful addon. :banana::p +++edit+++ Never mind never mind. Someone came along and blew my suggestion out of the water. Check out Homin...
File: OreCrusher01-19-11
Is there a way to add the best cut...
Posted By: Tadedra
Is there a way to add the best cut gem vendor value with the next version too? I can't wait to have my hubby try this.
File: FlyoutButton Custom01-05-11
I'll give it a whirl with Dominos a...
Posted By: Tadedra
I'll give it a whirl with Dominos and see about that option. I'll let you know if I notice anything.
File: Broker_Everything12-13-10
Two additional Requests: Somethi...
Posted By: Tadedra
Two additional Requests: Something that should Guild Reputation that I'm earning and when I'm maxed showing "Maxed" or some other key word. Reputation I like to keep an eye on that too and I'm presently using XanReputation but it's not part of an LDB. thanks for working on this addon I do love it's simplicity.
File: Bulk Mail Inbox12-13-10
I have a couple of request, is ther...
Posted By: Tadedra
I have a couple of request, is there a way to do rules like ArkInventory has. So I can set it up for all cloth to show (including the Ebonweave and Moonshroud which don't have the word cloth in them). Or an way to maybe have a usable button so I can quickly see what food/drink/potions are useful for their level and select all t...
File: KeybindTrainer12-13-10
Can't wait to try this out.
Posted By: Tadedra
This is something that not only can help me test what I have, but let me know if buttons just aren't working the way I need them to because of location. Thanks