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File: bdTooltips07-23-18
Thanks for the update. However, now...
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Thanks for the update. However, now there is NO background as in transparent. https://image.ibb.co/g5P9Jd/tt.jpg
File: Bartender407-21-18
Message: ...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\...
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Message: ...AddOns\Bartender4\libs\AceEvent-3.0\AceEvent-3.0.lua line 33: Attempt to register unknown event "CLOSE_WORLD_MAP"
File: SquareMap07-21-18
Would like to know if there is way...
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Would like to know if there is way and what that way may be to have a mail icon to let you know if you have mail.
File: bdNameplates07-21-18
Setting the size of the plates W or...
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Setting the size of the plates W or H does not work.
File: bdChat07-21-18
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For BFA... Remove the annoying Chat Channel icon on the left and also the scrollbar on the right. Please! Or how to? BIG ISSUE: Anything other than Guild chat is not being displayed.
File: bdTooltips07-21-18
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The tooltips still have an outline (border) https://image.ibb.co/ndf0od/tttttt.jpg Also, tooltips has been blocked and only available to BlizzardUi with over a 10 man raid.
File: bdUnitframes07-20-18
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Would be helpful if the player unit frame for tanks had a red or other choose color outline for threat. Also, would like to get the text inside the actual player/mob bar instead of the outside.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames03-01-17
Hi all !. Plz help me with customiz...
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Hi all !. Plz help me with customization of SUF. I want to switch off HP\Energy bar which appearing when battle starts, but cant find options at menu. That is not the addon. Thats built into the game, however you can turn it off. Interface > !Names > Unit Nameplates > Disable Personal Resource Display Your welcome!
File: obar08-04-16
At the beginning... "Don't use o...
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At the beginning... "Don't use other actionbar addon in the same time,like rActionBarStyler ." And then this. "Surport rActionButtonStyler !!" So which is it?
File: b_CastingBars07-29-16
Need update for legion pre patch....
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Need update for legion pre patch. I second that.
File: xanDebuffTimers07-29-16
Re: Re: Timer Bars
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Okay so you want to keep the Debuff display the same but reverse the buff one? That's what it looks like to me :) That was like over a year ago. :) I havent played WoW in months. Still have my UI I was working on, though I am sure its totally broken by now. Maybe Ill get back to playing.
File: WatchFrameRemover05-02-15
Stupid question perhaps, but wouldn...
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Stupid question perhaps, but wouldn't disabling automatic quest tracking in the interface options do the same thing? Yes it would. However, even when doing that, the tiny little downarrow box still remains. I realize this was posted a long time ago, I have been off WoW for quite sometime and only renewed my sub recently. I found...
File: xanBuffTimers04-10-15
There is a bug in this addon. Wh...
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There is a bug in this addon. While using it on my rogue, especially in Ashran. While having my poisons on my weapons, using a flask and using song flower, the icons are changing position rapidly. Its quite annoying.
File: xanDebuffTimers04-10-15
Timer Bars
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I have a question and I hope you are still working on your addons. I have both Buff/DeBuff addons installed. Is there any way to reverse the direction? Like so: Player Enemy ]]]]]]]]]]] (ICON) (ICON) Hope you get what Im talking about.
File: bUnitFrames10-25-14
Re: Re: Re: Re: Request
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i was care before -_- But now you don't care? That really hurts.
File: bUnitFrames10-24-14
Re: Re: Request
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but we lost much options or should manage a huge options table by hand Not everyone requires every option though. Sometimes its better to just have unit frames for the player and the target and let blizzards raid frames do the rest. That's just me and Im old school. The simpler and less obtrusive an addon is, the better it is for...
File: bUnitFrames10-24-14
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I really wish you would release a simplified version. I could care less about a GUI and would prefer config in the lua. I remember when you 1st came out with your UF addon, it was so light, so easy to work with and so little resources used. I do recommend a stripped down bare bones, lua configed version. As it stands now, its bigg...
File: wPanels10-23-14
I have no clue if your keeping up w...
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I have no clue if your keeping up with this addon. It still works, even in 6.0.2 and I would rather keep using this than kgpanels, btex, etc. There are 2 issues I have with it though. I cannot for the life of me get it to work using border and background textures nor can I change the color of the borders or background, just...
File: m_Map10-22-14
Can we get this updated for 6.0? It...
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Can we get this updated for 6.0? It no longer works.
File: m_ActionBars05-29-13
Holy crap this addon got big. What,...
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Holy crap this addon got big. What, its like over 3 times the size it used to be. Its almost as large as Bartender. Ugh, so sad....
File: oUF_Elen03-24-13
I copy the target buff code to add...
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I copy the target buff code to add target debuff, but dont know how to add border. Has anyone else figured this out? Like the layout very much even though the author is not very supportive for other players i have figured it out for myself but cannot figure this problem out. Help would be highly appreciated. Thanks! Ive gotten...
File: BasicBuffs03-13-13
Theres an issue I see. When usi...
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Theres an issue I see. When using a minimap addon, or even a script to reposition the minimap, BasicBuffs will not show the buffs/debuffs unless you RE-buff. While not game breaking, it is annoying. Also, any chance to support styling using ButtonFacade/Masque? Or at the very least, a way to square the buff/debuff icons and ad...
File: bUnitFrames03-11-13
Dammit, I had this addon perfect un...
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Dammit, I had this addon perfect until I tried to change the buffs to the bottom. Now the HP text and all the other text has dropped down and will not reposition itself. Also, I had comment out a line to disable the castbars, but it still has the pixel height of the castbars shown, how to remove? Edit: not too worried about the ca...
File: BasicBuffs03-09-13
The below function does not work......
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The below function does not work... _G = function(msg) if string.lower(msg) == "lock" then if not BasicBuffsStorage.lock then BasicBuffsFrame:SetBackdropColor(0,1,0,0) BasicBuffsFrame:EnableMouse(false) BasicBuffsFrame:SetMovable(false) BasicBuffsStorage.lock = true print("|cFF33FF99BasicBuffs|r: "...
File: AzCastBar03-07-13
Is this wonderful project dead?:(...
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Is this wonderful project dead?:( Works fine for me! Even in 5.2