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File: EavesDrop06-18-13
I love this addon! I'm so grateful...
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I love this addon! I'm so grateful you updated it!
File: OPie09-22-10
Re: Re: Error
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Ah, I was re-installing my addons and was testing casting/combat mods on the dummies. Between "fights" I made a ring with low-level potions on it to reduce the number of spellbars in use. On the ring I had: the Minor, Lesser, Greater, and Superior Healing potions, as well as the Lesser and Greater Mana Potions. It was bound to my "G"...
File: OPie09-19-10
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Ran into an error once I tried to use a ring I made for Potions -nothing showed up. The first ring I'd made came out fine, though. Link to the screenshot on Photobucket: http://i1228.photobucket.com/albums/ee456/Eurynine/World%20Of%20Warcraft%20Errors%20or%20Spam/WoWScrnShot_091810_214259.jpg It was described as: "attampt to in...