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File: alDamageMeter01-02-12
Have you seen changelog? "- option...
Posted By: tuff
Have you seen changelog? "- option for merging healing and absorbs. It will be displayed as healing" It's off by default On my disc priest I am not seeing PW:S absorbs as either healing or in the absorbs tracking. I tried changing mergeHealAbsorbs = false-- Config end to mergeHealAbsorbs = true-- Config end to...
File: Razgriz_HolyWings(Holy power notifier)08-20-11
How do I install this?
Posted By: tuff
I don't know how to install .rar files - and my system doesn't have any programs that can open them. I would love to try these out - they look great. Could you make the addon into a .zip file? Or at least post installation instructions on the addon's front page? Thank You :)
File: NeedToKnow11-06-10
Posted By: tuff
Just wanted to let you know how much I really like this addon. It does a great job, is easy to set up, and most importantly - it looks sexy. :banana: Nice job.
File: KNTinyBarMod11-04-10
Shadow Form Bars not getting changed
Posted By: tuff
Hi :banana: First off - I love this addon. I like the reaction "feel" of the blizz bars, but they aren't very attractive, so this addon is really perfect for me. I did run across something wierd tonight though. I have an 85 pre-made shadow/holy priest on the cata beta and the bars I get in shadow form are not changed by this...
File: Clique10-16-10
Love Clique with the new UI
Posted By: tuff
:banana: :banana: :banana: I want to thank you for adding the ability to bind my mouse wheel scroll up and down. I like to use wheel down for targeting and wheel up for the menu - and until this change I was using another healing addon just to have this ability. Now, between Clique and the new default party/raid frames I don't...