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File: FreeUI07-09-13
Posted By: defkon
how do you change the font? im not very experienced in .lua
File: RDX10-08-12
out of range
Posted By: defkon
is there any way you can set up the action buttons and unitframes to do different things when target is out of range? like i want the whole button to turn red if the spell is out of range and i want the unit frame to fade out while the person is out of healing range? also, since it doesnt work with click, how would i set up the click...
File: oUF_Mlight(MoP)10-01-12
Posted By: defkon
Is there anyway to orient the health bars vertical instead of horizontal
File: RDX10-01-12
Posted By: defkon
its because its throwing up an error i didnt know about. its saying blizzfulldisable isnt valid. i have no clue how to fix it
File: RDX10-01-12
not working
Posted By: defkon
so i downloaded rdx, and nothing happened. when i type /rdx ingame it gives me a list of commands. but when i type /rdx toggledesk nothing happens. and all i have is the standard wow interface. with no extra buttons or anything. i have NO idea how to operate it lol. i even downloaded a theme and poof, nothing. my addon button at char...
File: SnailUI09-27-12
default ui
Posted By: defkon
i deleted my WTF folder, i have oUF, snailui, and oUF_spellrange in my addon folder. and i STILL have the default ui
File: Altz UI for BFA09-21-12
Posted By: defkon
Hey, first off, awesome ui. secondly, can you check into carbonite messing with the minimap. its buggin me lol. also the nameplates wont stay on :(
File: RealUI12-05-11
frame rates
Posted By: defkon
i would just like to say that this is one of the BEST mods ive ever used. Now that being said, I have an issue. When I use RealUI my frame rates drop to 6. ANY OTHER mod I use (IE Elvui) has me at 64fps. Whereas I LOVE Elv ui, it is certainly no RealUI. I was wondering if you know a way to fix this :( P.S. Im using Ubuntu 11.10 and...