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File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds08-17-12
wind sounds
Posted By: b3vad
is it possible to mute the wind sounds in caves especially in dalarans sewers ? how about water sound?
File: xanTooltipIcon05-05-12
not working with elvui
Posted By: b3vad
it's a great addon but ever since i installed Elvui seems to not work anymore <3 to see thins on Elvui:rolleyes:
File: Bulk Mail08-04-11
as 4.2 not working for me and with postal
Posted By: b3vad
it was my wish ever-since i was a little priest that i can do thing automatically and one of them was sending out cloth - meat and other staff to my alts for AH. now i found the solution and there is problems keeping me away from my dreams. 1- bulk mail don't work with postal (lua error on opening send mail) 2- i disabled postal an...
File: MiniLoot06-05-11
Posted By: b3vad
Miniloot_bar :rolleyes: wow that feel so real i can see it now http://b3vad.persiangig.com/image/Miniloot_bar.jpg well i do better on photoshop than making addons or even suggesting one and i cant find a good icon for rep ty Namtab for corecting me and showing me good addons but nothing can please me like simplicity :D ty Vladin...
File: MiniLoot06-03-11
Originally posted by Vladinator T...
Posted By: b3vad
Originally posted by Vladinator Thanks a bunch BNS, I'll have it up soon in 1.5e! Meanwhile just thinking if there is something I can fix in the current build but I can't find any big issues, I guess it's all good -as no error reports have been posted either. :P well if you are looking for something to do i can suggest: The Lo...
File: K1Acceptor06-24-10
what message?
Posted By: b3vad
Originally posted by break19 Wait.. you can get massages while playing wow? I want one! I hope the masseuse is hot, or at least not ugly.. by messages i mean MAGBoxes that appear while people send you a request or you do something that needs your conformation (like deleting a rare item)