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File: Vendor Price09-19-20
Re: AtlasLoot support
Posted By: Ketho
If you add this in Compat.lua you will get support in AtlasLoot. Thanks, I was not sure if showing a vendor price would be useful in AtlasLoot but I added it
File: HearthRoulette09-18-20
Not sure if it helps but you can us...
Posted By: Ketho
Not sure if it helps but you can use GetItemCooldown() to check if a toy is on cooldown by their respective item ID
File: LargerMacroIconSelection05-21-20
Re: Integration with Outfitter
Posted By: Ketho
Is it possible to add integration: - ...with Outfitter addon? - ...with PetBattleMaster addon? Yeah, this addon only affects the default UI A lot of people have asked for some kind of library but I don't have the time for it and it would probably be easier if LibAdvancedIconSelector-1.0 got updated for that
File: VendorPrice05-19-20
Just a heads up, you could at least...
Posted By: Ketho
Just a heads up, you could at least omit the __MACOSX and .git folder when packaging the addon
File: KethoCombatLog04-27-20
Hope there will be a classic update...
Posted By: Ketho
Hope there will be a classic update for this don't seem to work if you install it nothing happens and /ket don't work Scratch that, it's way too much work. Maybe I'll make a KethoCombatLog Lite for Classic
File: NameplateColors09-30-19
Re: Classic?
Posted By: Ketho
I saw in the changelog that it's marked as 'update for classic' - I'm guessing I just drop this into the Classic AddOns folder also? Hey Barleduq, yes you can drop it into the classic folder :) It will show as out-of-date but WoWInterface just recently added support for uploading classic zips so in the future you you can choo...
File: Peggle Classic09-22-19
2019.09.23 - Looking for EU testers...
Posted By: Ketho
2019.09.23 - Looking for EU testers for Peggle Duels, Challenges and /peggleloot, please contact me on Discord Edit: Thank you Stridshorn @ Firemaw for testing with me :)
File: Vendor Price09-18-19
I replaced lines 38-41 with simply:...
Posted By: Ketho
I replaced lines 38-41 with simply: if count >= 1 then SetTooltipMoney(tt, sellPrice * count, nil) Doing so made the addon even more minimalist than it already is, and simply gives you the retail-like functionality; you can see the vendor price on its own, no bells or whistles, at all times. No shift-modifiers, no stack siz...
File: LargerMacroIconSelection09-18-19
dang i found about this addon way t...
Posted By: Ketho
dang i found about this addon way too late, needs a classic version, thanks! Yes the icon search functionality would be nice to have for Classic. But it will take some work and I don't know when I can port it to classic, but it's on my wishlist
File: Vendor Price09-08-19
Why did you remove "cheapest item"?...
Posted By: Ketho
Why did you remove "cheapest item"? I think that can be done better by other addons and that it's bloat. It should just tell you the price on mouseover
File: Modern Quest Watch09-06-19
Re: Text Alignment & Background
Posted By: Ketho
1. I prefer to have the list on the left where it is a bit more obvious than stuck under the mini-map. However the text seems to align to the right so every time you add/delete a quest the window moves a little bit to adjust for the changing position of the left margin. Would it be possible to have an option for right or left align...
File: Vendor Price09-06-19
Vendor Price can now show price per...
Posted By: Ketho
Vendor Price can now show price per unit by pressing Shift :)
File: OwoSpeak09-01-19
I love dis addon! It's wowking vewy...
Posted By: Ketho
I love dis addon! It's wowking vewy weww. owo I wuv dis addon too! Vewy gwad to heaw dat :3
File: KethoCombatLog08-29-19
Hope there will be a classic update...
Posted By: Ketho
Hope there will be a classic update for this don't seem to work if you install it nothing happens and /ket don't work I'm planning to update this for Classic, it's my favorite addon really. Not anytime soon though But it won't have spell links and might possibly be crippled by the removal of Spell IDs from the combat log in Cla...
File: SimpleDing Classic08-29-19
Re: pause?
Posted By: Ketho
i would really love it if this could be paused when i'm not actively leveling - like cooking, fishing, other profession skills. It umm can't pause since it doesn't have a timer. It only compares the timestamps from /played between level ups, so it's really simple in that sense 😔
File: Modern Quest Watch08-28-19
A feature to scale the QuestWatch w...
Posted By: Ketho
A feature to scale the QuestWatch would be nice. Mine is a little small ._. Added it to the list, I'm thinking of something like bigger fonts https://github.com/ketho-wow/ModernQuestWatch/projects/1#card-25744369
File: Auctionator ClassicFix08-28-19
Re: Lua Error entering 2g as buyout
Posted By: Ketho
Message: Interface\AddOns\VendorPrice\VendorPrice.lua:9: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink") Should be fixed as of Vendor Price 1.0
File: SimpleMap08-28-19
You can just hide it instead of mak...
Posted By: Ketho
You can just hide it instead of making it clickthrough and setting the alpha to zero WorldMapFrame.BlackoutFrame:Hide() It's also nice if doesn't fade while mouseovering PlayerMovementFrameFader.AddDeferredFrame(WorldMapFrame, .3, 1, .5, function() return not WorldMapFrame:IsMouseOver() end)
File: MaxCam Classic08-27-19
Re: Not showing up
Posted By: Ketho
When I installed it it worked fine. Then I disabled it once (along with every other addon) and after that the addon won't work, show up in the Interface menu or recognize chat commands. woops, I forgot to update to the latest Ace3 libs. Thank you for notifying, v2.4.2-classic should work
File: Vendor Price08-26-19
Re: Conflict with Authionator
Posted By: Ketho
I installed the new auctionator. I get this error when i enter the price, i also posted this to the auctionator addon comments. I'll check for compatibility with auctionator Edit: It was already fixed, I must have overread that 😳
File: Peggle Classic08-26-19
I can only recommend you to upload...
Posted By: Ketho
I can only recommend you to upload the Addon to Twitch/Curse when you think its at a stable enough stage so more people can find out about the return of Peggle in Wow ! It's on Twitch/Curse now :) https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/peggle-classic
File: Modern Quest Watch08-21-19
Re: Very nice addon
Posted By: Ketho
Were you able to test it during the final stress test? Do you feel (barring any major client changes between now and 8/26) that it will work fine on release day? I feel it should be stable enough to work fine on release day with the little time I had during stress tests :)
File: Modern Quest Watch08-12-19
After logging in I got this error:...
Posted By: Ketho
After logging in I got this error: Message: Error loading Interface\AddOns\ModernQuestWatch\Locales.lua Time: Mon Aug 12 11:41:26 2019 Count: 3 I got this error when using /mqw Message: ...terface\AddOns\ModernQuestWatch\ModernQuestWatch.lua:200: attempt to index upvalue 'L' (a nil value) Woops, forgot to commit the Loc...
File: Modern Quest Watch08-11-19
Re: Move
Posted By: Ketho
Can you make this modernquest window moveable I can 😊
File: StandUp08-11-19
This addon is perfect, except just...
Posted By: Ketho
This addon is perfect, except just the unneeded addon loaded message ;)