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File: InFlight07-22-19
thanks for the quick reply guess i...
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thanks for the quick reply guess it will never get fixed if its on their end. /sigh i appreciate the detailed explanation. :) i am using the mentioned version of your add-on as of the bug report.
File: InFlight07-20-19
172x FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:5175:...
Posted By: Kithalaul
172x FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:5175: Action failed because: attempted from: StaticPopup1:SetPoint. : in function `SetPoint' FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:5175: in function `StaticPopup_SetUpAnchor' FrameXML\StaticPopup.lua:5165: in function : in function `StaticPopup_SetUpPosition' FrameXML\StaticPopup....
File: gmExp08-17-18
is there any plans for a rep tracki...
Posted By: Kithalaul
is there any plans for a rep tracking support. my other addon is error prone now as it doesnt look to be updated. broker xp bar is the name.
File: Classic Quest Log04-10-17
Re: Re: Feature request / possible bug
Posted By: Kithalaul
i loaded a alt with all addons disabled and its on my end your mod works great by itself. its a conflict from something else.
File: Classic Quest Log04-01-17
Feature request / possible bug
Posted By: Kithalaul
the current version for me is showing the quest text in white which is making it border line un readable. black text would help tremendously. also if Aurora support could be added that would be great.
File: ShieldBars01-27-17
DK artifact shield
Posted By: Kithalaul
can Umbilicus Eternus be added to the list? its blood dk's vamp blood shield. not sure if frost has one that shows up as a buff but they have a few talents for dmg reducs.
File: DKIRunes "Reloaded"07-13-13
if possible it would be nice to hav...
Posted By: Kithalaul
if possible it would be nice to have addon completely fade out out of combat. not sure why someone would care to see rune status while chilling in a major city or the such.
File: NextUp06-05-13
blood dk error
Posted By: Kithalaul
1x NextUp-1.2.4\PriorityListDeathKnightBlood.lua:63: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value NextUp-1.2.4\PriorityListDeathKnightBlood.lua:63: in function "RuneReady" NextUp-1.2.4\PriorityListDeathKnightBlood.lua:72: in function "DeathKnightBloodPriority" NextUp\NextUp-1.2.4.lua:294: in function NextU...
File: DailyChecklist05-09-13
folder breaks addon fuctionality
Posted By: Kithalaul
cool addon the only problem is the -3.2 garbage at the end of the folder. i had to manually delete that trash on the core folder to get the addon to read. please dont add folder name details to the zipped folder final file.
File: mortSoulReaper02-27-13
usage problem
Posted By: Kithalaul
not sure if i messed something up but its not working for me. any help would be appreciated. i am using bartender if this makes any difference. i installed just like any other add-on.
File: Gearing Guide02-27-13
feature request
Posted By: Kithalaul
i love the add-on. the only thing that bothers me is that there is no thresh hold setting. not that in saying its irrelevant but greens popping up the add-on are not exactly needed. i think greens and blues are borderline worthless and would appreciate a option to filter these out via color or just item level cutoff. epics usually ar...
File: xanAchievementMover11-01-12
maybe I am missing something but is...
Posted By: Kithalaul
maybe I am missing something but is there a way to make the achievements move down or so when the one below it fades. it kinda bugs me to see the dungeon complete show up where it does on the mover but in actuality it should show up on the bottom pane when that ones not being used.
File: Brewmaster Tao09-28-12
Great Add-on. my only request is wh...
Posted By: Kithalaul
Great Add-on. my only request is when the BM is not in combat and has no debuff to track the the icons disappear as the bar does when its locked. i have a place i like the bar to be but the icons are in the way when its not needed. please make the whole add-on disappear when nothing is being tracked. A power strikes check to see whet...
File: ShieldBars09-27-12
great addon the only problem i see...
Posted By: Kithalaul
great addon the only problem i see is the Monks guard ability is not in the list of supported spells.
File: Taunt Aware05-04-12
bugs and missclassification.
Posted By: Kithalaul
looks like a great add-on. i have noticed a few things. the raid scanning is spamming my chat and even when i turned the option off it is still spamming it. the tattle feature is nice but my only suggestion is remove misdirect from the list of taunts. MD is not a taunt. spamming that to the hunter is discouraging them from using it a...
File: WhatGives12-28-11
I like the idea of this add-on but...
Posted By: Kithalaul
I like the idea of this add-on but the only thing i don't like is how it shows it self on the reputation pane and currency pane. it would be great if it restricted itself to just the character gear pane. otherwise great add-on.
File: Druid Bar04-28-09
Additional Funtionality
Posted By: Kithalaul
is there any way that this mod can be made to work with ag_UnitFrames?? http://wow.curse.com/downloads/wow-addons/details/ag_unitframes.aspx any support would be greatly appreciated.