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File: ag_UnitFrames08-05-10
Posted By: Siminex
Hey hello. Thanks for an awesome UF addon and I love but I kinda got a problem. I can't use the focus moduel. I have tried so many times to redownload it and im not a kinda addon nerd so I cant figur it out myself, but I really want a FOCUS moduel so what is the problem? What have I done wrong? Can it be fixed? When I tried to mak...
File: Panther10-20-09
Posted By: Siminex
Okay, here is my problem. I like this UI very much and i really want to use it. I have done everything that you told me to do but. There is just the one problem that it looks like shit even when i have typed /reflux switch kittyui ingame. As you can see in my SS it look like shit. http://tinypic.com/r/mhq9c/4 I play at a 22" s...