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File: Clique06-15-13
Mouse click on down?
Posted By: joshwill80
Just coming back from a long break and I notice that the option to perform click when the mouse is pressed still says it's experimental. I see other addons using this functionality, and also a Blizzard option. What's the recommended setting? Do you have it on or off? I have been playing with it off every since I started using Cliq...
File: MayronUI Gen606-10-13
Awesome job!
Posted By: joshwill80
Just coming back from almost a 2 year break and I was dreading setting up my UI again. I usually don't like compilations, but yours is the only one I can find that uses a large amount of the addons I used to. Have to test it out more in dungeons and such, but so far it's amazing. Hope you keep it going for a long while :D I plan o...
File: TipTop07-09-11
Few things
Posted By: joshwill80
I noticed that the tooltip actually takes more or less space on screen than what the movable anchor shows. Would like to see the option to make the tooltip grow from a certain spot on the movable anchor (anchor the tooltip to the lower left corner of the movable anchor for example). Also, any chance of getting an option to just sh...
File: Creature Comforts12-15-10
Still alive?
Posted By: joshwill80
Going to roll a hunter soon. Started looking through hunter addons. I was wondering if there were any plans to update this for Cata?
File: Broker LFG08-03-10
Posted By: joshwill80
Yeah, the below fix does fix problems with DockingStation :D If you find it breaks other bar addons though, you could just put a note on the addon description page to let DS users know to change that line of code.
File: Broker LFG07-31-10
Posted By: joshwill80
I asked over on the DockingStation page and the author said that the problem is in Broker LFG assuming the frame passed always has a name. Changing this line of code... ToggleDropDownMenu(1, nil, MiniMapLFGFrameDropDown, self:GetName(), 0, 0) to... ToggleDropDownMenu(1, nil, MiniMapLFGFrameDropDown, self, 0, 0) Should wor...
File: DockingStation (Display)07-30-10
Broker LFG problems
Posted By: joshwill80
Hello Vrul, There seems to be some incompatibilities going on with Broker LFG and DS. Hoping you could supply a fix. More information can be found on the Broker LFG comments page... http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info16710-Broker_LFG.html#comments
File: Broker LFG07-27-10
Left clicking too
Posted By: joshwill80
Thanks for the macros, they should help for now :D After playing some more with the addon, I found I could not left click the addon when in a group also sometimes. Sometimes I can left click, sometimes I can't. Right clicking when in a group won't work at all still. Before joining a group though everything works as it should.
File: Broker LFG07-25-10
Right clicking
Posted By: joshwill80
I'm having a similar problem. I can't right click the button at all when in a party (can only right click to bring up the raid browser), so I can't teleport out. I'm using the latest versions of Broker LFG and Docking Station (0.4.4).
File: MailNotifier Launcher06-27-10
Mail reports
Posted By: joshwill80
When reloading the UI, or less often when logging in, MailNotifier reports that I have a new mail even though I don't. Is this a MailNotifier bug, or is it a problem with the way the Blizz UI notifies about new mail?
File: Confirm Loot Roll01-21-10
Posted By: joshwill80
OK, well the error happens when hiding the LFD ready dialog box. Here are the two errors I have seen: :\"*:OnHide\":7: Proposal not hidden through StaticPopupSpecial.\n:\"*:OnHide\":7: in function <:1>\n: in function `Hide'\nInterface\\FrameXML\\StaticPopup.lua:3513: in function
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends01-21-10
Posted By: joshwill80
Hey Aranarth, Love your Broker addons, some of the best out there. Was wondering if you had any plans to do a performance (memory, fps, latency) plugin? There are some nice ones out there, but most of them are in need of an update. I currently use picoFPS, but it seems to have tooltip refresh display problems currently.
File: Confirm Loot Roll01-20-10
Posted By: joshwill80
I updated to v4 today and I am getting an error related to StaticPopupDialogs. Sorry I don't have the exact error on hand atm, I will try to supply it later. It seems to happen when first entering an instance through LFD. As far as I can tell though, the error does not break the addon's functionality.
File: tullaRange01-11-10
Posted By: joshwill80
Testing this addon, only thing I would like to see is some simple option to change the OOR and OOM colors. For now I'm editing the colors through lua.
File: MyThreat01-04-10
Posted By: joshwill80
I really like this addon, but the colors do not seem to change for me. I have tried the default settings and changing them, but the color on the display is always red, no matter how much threat I have. I'm playing a Warlock and have only tested it solo and in 5 mans so far. Warlock pets would not cause this problem would they?
File: OnScreenHealth01-03-10
Posted By: joshwill80
Phanx, you have any plans to update this? I think it is the only addon I'm still using that uses Ace2 and needs niagara for an options panel. A couple of things I would like too see added: 1. Focus health and power 2. Raid icons for focus and target Any way, hoping to see some updates, love this HUD type addon cause it's so mu...
File: Skada Damage Meter01-03-10
LDB Threat
Posted By: joshwill80
Great damage meters, the best I have used yet. I feel that the LDB threat display is really all I need to keep track of threat. I have a small request. Can you add coloring to the LDB threat display? Maybe green normally, then turning red when you have high threat and draw aggro, or something similar.
File: ncImprovedMerchant01-03-10
Skipping gossip
Posted By: joshwill80
I really like the simplicity of your addons. I have been using them to replace some outdated addons I was still using. I would like to see shift-right clicking on a vendor/inn keeper/trainer skip the gossip frame and go straight to buying/training.
File: DockingStation (Display)01-03-10
Re: picoFPS
Posted By: joshwill80
Originally posted by joshwill80 Maybe the tooltip is refreshing the FPS display too fast for DockingStation? Yeah, picoFPS tooltip refresh was too fast. The tooltip would only display for as long as the refresh rate setting was set to in the lua. I set it to 3 seconds (default was 0.5) and the tooltip now displays for 3 seconds...
File: ncResurrect01-03-10
Toggle auto res
Posted By: joshwill80
I like to use this addon for auto res in BG, but I don't want to auto accept res from other players. Could you put in a slash command to disable auto accepting res from other players?
File: tomQuest212-31-09
mob tooltips problem
Posted By: joshwill80
just reinstalled tomquest and i'm having a problem with the mob objective tooltips display. tomquest does not seem to be hiding the blizzard mob quest tooltip info, and so the tooltip is displaying both the blizz quest info and tomquest's. i had to disable tomquest's mob tooltip functionality to get rid of the redundant tooltip in...
File: DockingStation (Display)12-30-09
Posted By: joshwill80
I just switched from ButtonBin to DockingStation. Really nice addon. I'm having a problem with one of my plugins though, picoFPS. The tooltip for that particular plugin will only display for about 1 second before displaying as blank. Moving the mouse away and back over the plugin repeats the problem. Any ideas on how to fix it? Maybe...
File: tomQuest209-02-09
Re: Re: Re: Re: major lag
Posted By: joshwill80
Originally posted by gagou did you try 3.2 beta 12? Beta 12 is working great, no problems at all :D
File: tomQuest209-01-09
Re: Re: major lag
Posted By: joshwill80
Originally posted by gagou Can you tell me if you have some timed quests or achievements in your tracker? no timed quests or achievements.
File: tomQuest208-31-09
major lag
Posted By: joshwill80
I recently reported on wowace that tomquest kept turning on, but hiding, the blizz objective tracker. beta 11 is still doing this, but i'm not sure that it's causing any problems or not. anyway cleaning out my saved variables and using beta 10 from wowace had tomquest's tracker working fine. however i updated to beta 11 from here...