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File: Ghost: Recon: Continued01-07-13
API GetRaidDifficultyID
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According to wowpedia.org, the GetRaidDifficulty is renamed to GetRaidDifficultyID() on 5.2.0 PTR. On another note, GetDungeonDifficulty was renamed to GetDungeonDifficultyID() in 5.0.4 Looks like a fairly simple fix. Sources: http://www.wowpedia.org/API_GetRaidDifficultyID http://www.wowpedia.org/API_GetDungeonDifficu...
File: Skada Damage Meter12-30-11
Absorbs and healing
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Would it be possible to just merge these into just 'Healing Done'? I know it sounds silly but so does splitting them up :p Here's the real annoyance for me: When you are looking at 'Aborbs and Healing' the mouseover tooltip only showns absorb effects... I have to tab back and forth between that and the regular healing done when...
File: OPie12-13-11
A wierd problem
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Problem: Using the same keybinding for different rings across different profiles bugs out. Sometimes forgets keybindings etc. Here's the deal. I'm creating a new profile for each of my alts. I'm then creating a custom ring and adds my mounts to it. I keybind it here as well to Alt+Q. (not in the keybind section in the dropdown on...
File: AtlasLoot_Source12-08-11
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I think, scratch that, I know this needs an update. It lists the old VP items as VP rewards and all new loot in 4.3 is missing.
File: Getting Things Healed (and Killed)12-08-11
Posted By: Detvarjannik
This addon was very useful but the amount of bugs it spams with leaves my OCD out of hands, uninstalling :/
File: Power Auras Classic: Buttons12-07-11
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64x ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'PowerAurasButtons' tried to call the protected function 'CompactRaidFrame29:Hide()'. : in function `Hide' Interface\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:266: in function `CompactUnitFrame_UpateVisible': Interface\FrameXML\CompactUnitFrame.lua:224: in function `CompactUnitFrame_UpdateAll':...
File: Boss Mod: Text-to-Speech08-06-11
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Hi there, I just thought of this addon from back in ICC and I really enjoyed it as a raidleader. Would it be possible to make it function in Cata? I'm thinking not only raids but 5 mans as well as they do have quite a number of abilities that WILL wipe the group if not noticed. :p I know it's alof of work but.. I have a lot of...
File: Lightwell Buddy07-28-11
Re: Re: Missing messages.
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Originally posted by hershe I'll have to do some more testing to see if I can duplicate the problem, but I do know that all messages have worked for me in combat. outside of combat, I'm not sure yet. I couldn't get any bugs grabbed, but after re-installing it seems to work just fine. Not sure what did it but know it seems gone...
File: RealUI07-28-11
Re: Satrin buff frames and remove a spell
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Originally posted by Quingar Hello I am using Real ui for som time and I like it. I want to ask you how can I remove spell in Satrina buff frames ? For example I am a priest and want to remove a Chakra stance so I am trying to doble-click on that spell in upper left corner and nothing. Or I am trying to click with left mous...
File: RealUI07-28-11
Raid Manager
Posted By: Detvarjannik
How do I get the raid manager window back? I Miss it :<
File: Lightwell Buddy07-27-11
Missing messages.
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Hello, I just got your brillant work installed and I love it! - But running a few heroics, I've noticed that it's only some of the functions that works. The Waste, Empty, Expire and Disappear has not fired any messages at all. I know that at least the disappear one should, since the self message in white once showed me it had 4...
File: LineemUP01-18-11
Posted By: Detvarjannik
This mod is bugged on WoW client patch 4.0.3 (13329) Can we expect an update, or can anyone recommend an alternative? =) The fact that you could move the lines where you wanted instead of a defined grid was AWESOME! I can't stand seeing things not PERFECTLY aligned in my UI. I need a line that confirms that they are indeed pl...
File: Getting Things Healed01-03-11
Can't open the GUI
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Hello, when our healing officer broad casted the healing plan I got a bunch of errors. I wiped the sack and clicked the broker plug-in to open. Problem: Can't open the GTH assignment window (left-click). The mouse-over tooltip is still working. here's what I got as error: 1x GettingThingsHealed-2.5.2\GettingThingsHealed....
File: QuestGuru11-30-10
Originally posted by thegriffgeeks...
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Originally posted by thegriffgeeks Also how can i change the quest log text font color from gold back to black? when I put ver 2.0 in the quest log (not tracker) text font color is golden on parchment & not readable. I didn't remember this being the case in versions before 2.0. So I put v 1.3 in and the quest log text color is...
File: Megaphone04-19-10
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How does In today's world o' PUGs not everyone is in Vent. Sometimes a raid warning is the best way to cut through the clutter." Relate to the Screenshot? IMO this seems like an AddOn that assist spammers with their multiline LFG and LFM crap in trade..
File: Panther04-11-10
Also, I notice I can't deselect the...
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Also, I notice I can't deselect the current target by clicking somewhere else, the only way to deselect targets right now is to either key Esc, or target something else. Is there anyway I can change this back to default? This can be changed in the standard Interface options. I believe it's called Sticky targets or something like...
File: Digits01-05-10
Posted By: Detvarjannik
Thank you for this! :)
File: CastMonitor06-19-09
Awsome addon!
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Quote :You are healing your maintank with two other healers. As good healers you would always make sure that, there is an incoming heal "ready" every split second. So your healers must try to not cast at the same time, but with a little delay. CastMonitor makes this easy because you can just add the other healers to the list and w...