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File: ClassicSpellActivations06-04-19
Sweet addon, will definitely be usi...
Posted By: jackfrost7
Sweet addon, will definitely be using this for my warrior. Any chance you can make the glow appear around battle shout, in combat, whenever it's not active? So like a reminder to keep battle shout up. :) Cheers! Have you looked at the smart buff addon? https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24971-SmartBuffClassic.html...
File: ClassicCastbars05-27-19
LUA Error
Posted By: jackfrost7
Getting the following error only when using zperl Message: Interface\AddOns\ClassicCastbars\ClassicCastbars.lua:67: attempt to compare number with nil Time: Mon May 27 21:19:23 2019 Count: 2 Stack: Interface\AddOns\ClassicCastbars\ClassicCastbars.lua:67: attempt to compare number with nil Interface\AddOns\ClassicCastbars\Class...
File: Dominos Classic05-23-19
Re: No Aura/Stance/etc bar?
Posted By: jackfrost7
Hey Tuller... I don't seem to have an Aura bar in Dominos Classic on my Paladin (and I'd assume Stance bar for warrior, or shapeshift bar for Druid, etc?) I have only tested on my Paladin so far, so I suppose I can only assert there is no Aura bar :) No, the rest have working Stance bars, it's just a simple mistake. Until...
File: VuhDo Classic05-22-19
Re: Lua errors in a party
Posted By: jackfrost7
Just a quick note. In general it seems to be working well. I do however get occasional Lua errors when i loot or mouse over a party member, when in groups. If i can get it to copy and paste correctly i will add to your project page. Yes, I get this error as well. The error references "Spec" so I'm guessing it's trying to determine...
File: EKPlates Classic05-22-19
Posted By: jackfrost7
Thanks for this, I can't stand default nameplates. I know you said you were lazy about adding castbars, is there any way to easily rip it out of this addon: https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info24925-ClassicCastbars.html I'm using that one for now, but it looks terrible (no fault to the author) compared to your nameplates...