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File: SilverUI 207-17-15
Spells near the target ring
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Hi Silver, great work mate. Got some questions for you: 1: How did you get the spells to show up only when the target is selected and how did you manage to set them the layout on the video? 2: Did you use bartender? 3: Where did you place the chat? 4: Could you provide with some "templates" for us to have an idea of so...
File: Minimap Button Frame01-01-13
As noted, MBF doesn't pick up Encha...
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As noted, MBF doesn't pick up Enchantrix' minimap button; this is because Enchantrix doesn't name it's button. This can be fixed by opening EnxMiniIcon.lua in the World of Warcraft\Interface\Addons\Enchantrix directory and making the following change: Find the line that reads: local miniIcon = CreateFrame("Button", "", Minimap);...