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File: Auctioneer08-08-16
Updates in progress
Posted By: Sofitia
The addon has NOT been abandoned, the authors are working on updates. If you are curious about the progress, you can follow this thread: http://forums.norganna.org/index.php?p=/discussion/347/auctioneer-7-x-update-for-legion-progress-update
File: Skillet08-08-16
Beta Updates
Posted By: Sofitia
For anyone following this addon, work is being done to get it fixed. :D If you'd like to test it out, beta versions are being uploaded to the project site. The authors/maintainers would like bug reports & tickets to be submitted there as well. https://www.wowace.com/addons/skillet/
File: AnyFavoriteMount07-30-16
Re: Re: Re: Summon water mounts only when in water?
Posted By: Sofitia
@Sofitia: I'd already replied to your comment below, but here are some additional updates: Class specific mounts (Paladin & Warlock) will mark as a favorite, but won't move to the top of the mount list like the other favorited mounts, and won't be summoned. I've made some changes that should fix this, but I'd like to get a third p...
File: AnyFavoriteMount07-29-16
Summon water mounts only when in water?
Posted By: Sofitia
Hello, I just installed the addon (so perhaps I'm missing something) but was wondering if there was a way to set water mounts (like the Azure Water Strider) to only be summoned while my character is in the water? To clarify, if I'm in the water its the only one summoned, but if I'm just standing around it gets summoned along with any...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant07-27-16
Posted By: Sofitia
I'd like to add my voice to anyone else asking for the addon to be updated here as well. There's been recent activity on Curse, but I strongly prefer to use WoWInterface. http://www.wowinterface.com//cdn-wow.mmoui.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/smile.gif
File: Tabard-O-Matic12-06-11
I commented out line 35 for now (.l...
Posted By: Sofitia
I commented out line 35 for now (.lua file). Seems to work fine in 4.3 now. Look a few posts down for directions on how to use comments in files. Please post if this does not work for others. Commenting out line 35 did not seem to work for me, I'm still getting a couple errors. Let me know if you want me to post the errors here...
File: Tabard-O-Matic12-08-10
Re: Re: Re: Error Message
Posted By: Sofitia
Originally posted by elals29 love this mod but it's erroring. disabling until it's fixed. :( Am getting the same error as everyone else. Just curious if there will be an update to fix itů Thanks :)
File: oUF_Diablo04-28-09
3 Questions: 1. I noticed that o...
Posted By: Sofitia
3 Questions: 1. I noticed that oUF has been updated today. Since the only reason I have it is for your addon, I wanted to make sure that it's okay to update it and that there weren't any changes that will break your code. 2. I mentioned this in a previous post, but not sure if I was clear: I want to make the target frames look...
File: oUF_Diablo04-22-09
Posted By: Sofitia
Hey, I love this addon, but I really miss being able to see a picture of my target/target's target. Are there any options for adding them? I'm not a coder, but I have no problem messing around in the lua file if needed... Just thought I should start here before exploring on my own. Thanks :)
File: PhoenixTooltip04-21-09
Can I move it?
Posted By: Sofitia
Hey, I just found this addon and am really liking what I see. :) Just a quick question: will your addon allow me to move the location of the tooltip? I'll probably end up using it anyways, it looks so :cool: but I was really looking for something that makes it movable. I hate where Blizz puts the default one...