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File: KethoCombatLog01-15-12
I'm so sorry .. I released v1.04 af...
Posted By: Zanaken
I'm so sorry .. I released v1.04 after 2 weeks, but I could not work on Custom Messages, the Output Display, or Deaths Throttling ... I will also be taking a WoW break starting today, so active development will be stopped for now :( REALLY, REALLY good addon. VERY configurable, and if implemented right can have multiple awesome...
File: WhatGives12-27-11
Nice concept. I like addons like th...
Posted By: Zanaken
Nice concept. I like addons like this, if I can recommend a feature to add; instead of a drop down menu, have the red border appear when mousing over the stats themselves (on the menu on the right)
File: Broker: PoisonTimers09-29-11
Awesome, this addon really helps! T...
Posted By: Zanaken
Awesome, this addon really helps! Thanks for the time format changes :D
File: Broker: PoisonTimers09-24-11
Posted By: Zanaken
Love the addon! If I can make one suggestion, can you change the format of the timer? Something like 58m remaining instead of 58:33.
File: oUF_Qulight03-09-11
Am I the only one that can't right...
Posted By: Zanaken
Am I the only one that can't right click party/raid frames to open the right click menu?
File: oUF_Drk03-07-11
Here's an odd one for ya - I like t...
Posted By: Zanaken
Here's an odd one for ya - I like to change the font and bar textures on the addon and everythin has been tweaked to match, except the font sizes for the raid/party frames which although look good height wise, are far too long and hit the health %. Is there a way to limit the names on raid/party frames to say 7 characters? If not,...
File: nibWatchFrameAdv03-07-11
Is there an option for changing the...
Posted By: Zanaken
Is there an option for changing the actual font? May seem like a stupid question seeing as you have everything else covered (outline, size etc), but you haven't actually mentioned if it can change the font :P
File: Quickie (Cataclysm)01-23-11
Nice, but incompatible with outfitter.
Posted By: Zanaken
I like the addon, but it does not play nice with Outfitter. The issue wont bug me for long as I no longer plan to use the outfitter once I find a way of auto-changing what is shown / hidden (cloak and helm wise) per spec change.
File: Comergy01-19-11
Energy text
Posted By: Zanaken
I can move the energy text while it is on the left of the bar using the LUA file, but for the life of me I can't find out how to move it when it is centred. I basically want the energy above the bars and the only way I can do that is by moving it when it is set to the left (Which causes the background to jut out on the left side)...
File: StatusInfo01-12-11
Posted By: Zanaken
I really like the look of the addon, but the new version is broken. Frames drop to under a third of normal and the stats just wont show. On a side note, if I can leave a suggestion it would be to include the rogue talent "Find Weakness" when factoring in the armor penetration. http://www.wowhead.com/spell=91023/find-weakness (Keep...
File: oUF_Drk01-08-11
Originally posted by drakull Vers...
Posted By: Zanaken
Originally posted by drakull Version 2.0 is out. Please notify me of any bugs you find, and keep the suggestions comming. @forage: Sorry, there's no way to do this at this moment. @Mr. Pockets: look inside cfg.lua, there's an option to disable raid frames. @cbdgv: No plans to add support for ouf_swing right now, sry. And castb...
File: oUF_Drk11-30-10
Originally posted by drakull The...
Posted By: Zanaken
Originally posted by drakull The instructions they gave you at the forums are correct. You just need the oUF_Smooth addon to be installed and that 2 lines of code added in core.lua (for each frame you want). e.g.: for player frames, add: self.Health.smooth = true self.Power.smooth = true Try puting these right above the lin...
File: oUF_Drk11-29-10
Originally posted by drakull oUF_...
Posted By: Zanaken
Originally posted by drakull oUF_Smooth support will be present in 2.0. Problem is I can't define a date to release it 'cause I'm too busy with work atm. :( The core functions are ready but i still need to redo many things and with very little free time I really wouldn't expect to release it any sooner. Is there anything I can...
File: oUF_Drk11-29-10
Can you add smooth update support f...
Posted By: Zanaken
Can you add smooth update support for this? I tried to do it myself... Turns out I can't ^^ Or can anyone point me in the right direction if they have done it themselves?
File: OPie04-19-09
Hi. I use a macro that picks up on...
Posted By: Zanaken
Hi. I use a macro that picks up on wether I use a left or right click of the mouse to chose which weapon to apply my poisons to. Unfortunatly your otherwise smexy addon only puts weapons on my main hand (Left click) as a right click closes the wheel. Is there anyway around this?