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File: Overachiever10-29-15
Another Bug?
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Haven't seen this one posted yet and I keep getting it every time I change zones. (Sorry not in the color that it shows up in the chat log) getAchievementID_cat:ret is Nil. category: 15235 index: 20 argnum: 2
File: AutoProfit06-07-09
This mod is in good company. Autop...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
This mod is in good company. Autoprofitx over on Curse is broken now that 3.1.3 hit the street too. :(
File: RecountButton02-04-09
Originally posted by Rasapian Eve...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Originally posted by Rasapian Even better why do this at all? recount has ldb support built in and allows a setting icon on things such as titan panel. Not everyone uses Titan or FuBar! So this is for those of us that don't!
File: Recipe Book01-31-09
Character Deleted
Posted By: OrcanWonder
I deleted one of my toons since he wasn't getting played and his professions were covered by other toons. Now his known recipes are still showing, is there an easy way to delete this toon from recipe book without having to delete all the files on all my toons and starting over?
File: Recipe Book01-20-09
Error after 3.0.8 Patch
Posted By: OrcanWonder
I dismissed my pet on my DK today and got the following error: Date: 2009-01-20 19:45:48 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\RecipeBook\RecipeBookShare.lua line 652: attempt to index local 'dropdownFrame' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? : ? RecipeBook\RecipeBookShare.lua:652: Re...
File: NinjaPoints11-12-08
WoTLK Update
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Just wondering if there was an update coming for this for WoTLK? Haven't seen anything on the site since June from Ganders. Hopefully he's still playing.
File: Ackis Recipe List08-13-08
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Being that this update works with WOTLK, does it still work for those of us that aren't fortunate enough to get into the beta group?
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced06-25-08
Posted By: OrcanWonder
The first line of your "latest changes" mentions that this is now compatiblie with Atlas 1.12 data format. My problem is that Atlas is still on 1.11 even on the main website. Do I read this as Atlas will be coming out with a new version shortly? And will your mod work with 1.11 or should I wait to install it? Aren't updates just...
File: Auctioneer06-24-08
Site Down?
Posted By: OrcanWonder
ACCKKKK!!!!! I routinely check the auctioneer and gatherer sites on a regular basis, today I can't get to either site. :( These are the addresses I've been using for ever: http://www.auctioneeraddon.com/ and http://www.gathereraddon.com/ Is it just me, a simple fluke, or is the site really gone? Disregard the above, it...
File: NinjaPoints05-20-08
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Noticed the following error in Swatter today and thought I'd be nice and share. :) I'm using the latest version from this site. Date: 2008-05-20 13:56:05 ID: 34 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\NinjaPoints\core.lua line 326: attempt to index upvalue 'LSM' (a nil value) Debug: (tail call): ? N...
File: NinjaPoints05-08-08
I'm lost
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Okay, I'll admit it, I don't totally understand what I'm supposed to do here. In the boxes marked xOff and yOff, what values am I supposed to put in here? I've tried to enter 1, 5, 50 in the xOff and when I hit the "OK" button it throws the following error: Date: 2008-05-08 11:57:21 ID: 24 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 M...
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper (2.4.01 Fan Fix)05-05-08
Re: Enjoy the fixes, folks.
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Originally posted by DanielCoffey Enjoy the fixes, folks - I will be working on a lot of the little things that Gazmik didn't manage to sort out in the HuntersHelperUI such as the colour of the skills in the list, that strange filter dropdown and so on. If you spot anything not working as it should, please let me know and I'll h...
File: Ackis Recipe List04-27-08
Not sure which site you keep up wit...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Not sure which site you keep up with more often, so I'm posting here too! ;) Found a small problme with Jewelcrafting, you have Brilliant Glass listed as being learned at level 330, it is not actually learnable until 350. :eek: Spell ID is 47280 if I remember correctly. I fixed it in the ARL-Jewelcraft.lua and it shows up c...
File: FlightMap03-31-08
Size of Flight Timer Box
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Is there anyway to change the length of the flight timer box? There are now a couple of places that the entire thing doesn't fit in the standard box, so you can't see the remaining flight time. :(
File: SLClean03-11-08
Purpose of Addon?
Posted By: OrcanWonder
What I think is the shame is that I had to peruse through all the comments to find out just what this addon was all about. After reading the "description" of the addon and then through all the comments I think I have an idea but still not totally sure what this thing does. You might think about modifying your "Description" to reall...
File: Buy Poisons (InvisiBill)01-06-08
Your link to Sneakygit's original w...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Your link to Sneakygit's original work is no longer working. Seems that Curse moderators decided to remove the work since it wasn't being updated anymore. So you might want to try and delete your link from the remark.
File: Minimap Button Frame12-15-07
I installed the latest copy yesterd...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
I installed the latest copy yesterday, and I have in the config screen checked the Lock option and the Hide background when locked, but everytime I log a toon in the background comes in black. I have to go in and uncheck the Hide option and then recheck it every time. It's not saving the setting. Anyone else having this problem?
File: Possessions12-05-07
Thanks for such a speedy fix. :D...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Thanks for such a speedy fix. :D Note to others, I thought I still had the bug but went back in and deleted the Possessions.lua in the SavedVariables folder and then everything worked as intended. Give that a shot if you're still having problems.
File: Possessions12-04-07
Krikey's, found another error! :D...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Krikey's, found another error! :D Got this after opening bank and then did a "/poss cloth" and voila, the error popped up. I think I've got more netherweave cloth on my toons than the mod is able to count. :eek: Date: 2007-12-04 15:54:05 ID: 48 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Possessions\Possessions.l...
File: Possessions12-04-07
Downloaded and installed 2.0.2o tod...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Downloaded and installed 2.0.2o today now I get the following error whenever I open my bank: Date: 2007-12-04 15:24:00 ID: 40 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Possessions\Possessions.lua line 488: attempt to index local 'storeBag' (a nil value) Debug: : ? Possessions\Possessions.lua:488: Posses...
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost12-04-07
Originally posted by Peragor Can...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Originally posted by Peragor Can you add KC_Items compatability? I've given up on Auctioneer. Don't give up on Auctioneer, it's only getting better. You just need to use both the Classic and the Advanced versions together. Hint: Always install the Classic first than the Advanced as the Advanced will overwrite some of the cl...
File: Fizzwidget ReagentCost12-04-07
Oops, tried to delete, but too late...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Oops, tried to delete, but too late to do it. :eek:
File: CTMod10-31-07
Because the file you downloaded fro...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Because the file you downloaded from this site is not the latest and greatest from the CTmod Dev team. To get the latest and greatest you will need to go to their website at www.ctmod.net . Good luck :)
File: Fishing Buddy10-05-07
This version is out-dated. The mod...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
This version is out-dated. The mod is being kept up-to-date over at http://wowui.incgamers.com/?p=mod&m=1095
File: FlightMap09-28-07
Any new updates coming down the pip...
Posted By: OrcanWonder
Any new updates coming down the pipe? Great addon BTW.