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File: Fishing Buddy06-26-20
Re: titan panel issues with fishing buddy
Posted By: Sutorix
with FB enabled the right click on titan panel does not show the full menu available. disable FB and titan panel works as normal. Weird, I will see if I can recreate it.
File: Fishing Buddy12-19-12
Re: Just downloaded 1.2f, still errors...
Posted By: Sutorix
This is a bug on my side -- if you download the latest "Full" version from here, it will fix the dependent plug-ins. Thanks! Sut Got this on login, no fishing pole equipped: Date: 2012-12-13 18:19:05 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ...\AddOns\FB_OutfitDisplayFrame\FishingOutfitFrame.lua line 346:...
File: Fishing Ace!11-15-10
New version uploaded
Posted By: Sutorix
I didn't notice the bad directory name on my Mac ;-)
File: Fishing Buddy08-14-10
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by AnthonyK Is there LDB capability with Fishing Buddy? I used to use fubar & fishingbuddyFU, but it doesn't work with fortress or chocolate bar. Scratch that... I'd been getting Fishing Buddy from Curse, but I see this pack has a broker addon. On Curse you have to download the "special package" with everyt...
File: Fishing Buddy08-14-10
Re: The Old Fashioned Way
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by Gruffness If you need help locating fish, you could always go fishing with an old FishingBuddy user. :D I'm not *that* old!! :-) Edit: Regarding the previously mentioned plug-in -- A customizable and optional on-screen display showing fish icons for the fish we can catch in the current zone (grayed out fo...
File: Fishing Buddy08-14-10
FB_Broker can run standalone
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by AnrDaemon @Sutorix: Could you please cleanup the addon package from library duplications? I don't really think that FB_Broker do really need anything of LibBabble-Zone-3.0 LibCrayon-3.0 LibFishing-1.0 LibTourist-3.0 Not to mention that making main addon an optional dependency for a launcher sounds unna...
File: Fishing Buddy01-31-10
Re: Auto cast non-op on 1 toon
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by soleian For some reason, about 2-3 updates ago, FB will no longer enable the double click to cast on one of my toons. On my other 3, it works just fine. Do you have any addons enabled for that toon that aren't enabled on any of the others?
File: Fishing Buddy01-07-10
Re: Tracking Options
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by Kilzon When I click on the Tracking tab in the options panel, it completely locks up my client. I have to ctrl-alt-del and kill the game with task manager. All the other options tabs work fine! Using v0.9.8n Strange Could you send your SavedVariables/FB_TrackingFrame.lua to me at sutorixAThotmailDOT...
File: Fishing Buddy10-23-08
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by Nyte Sutorix, if you will add the following to the FBTitan lua file: tinsert(TITAN_PANEL_NONMOVABLE_PLUGINS, FBConstants.ID) as the last statement (after self.RegisterEvent) in the OnLoad function, users will be able to swap the icon with other right-side icons. EDIT: Made a correction to the code....
File: Fishing Buddy01-23-08
It's up to date now. It may be m...
Posted By: Sutorix
It's up to date now. It may be moving off of wowui, since I just got a gold-farmer advertisement from them. I am considering my options now. Thanks for all your support! Sutorix -- Author of Fishing Buddy!* NOTE: This addon does not use the "Buddy! system" in any way and any confusion caused by the name is solely in th...
File: Fishing Buddy01-26-07
Easy Cast
Posted By: Sutorix
It is back in the latest version -- it's double-click only at the moment, until I can figure out a way to tell the difference between a click and a drag given the tools Blizz has left us.
File: Fishing Buddy04-25-06
Re: Any Chance?
Posted By: Sutorix
Originally posted by Nunspa Hi! Is there any chance of you adding FuBar support? I switched over to FuBar and woud luck have it, started a new character with fishing skill... There's already a FuBar plugin for it -- I haven't had a chance to try it yet, but the code looks good :-) http://www.wowinterface.com/downloa...