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File: Convert Ratings06-22-17
Thank you :) But please rename...
Posted By: briskman3000
Thank you :) But please rename the folder name ConvertRatings-1.10.5a to ConvertRatings in the ConvertRatings-1.10.5a.zip file Released a new version today with a bug fix, so that issue should have gone away. My dumbass uploaded the wrong zip file last time.
File: AP Token Percent06-22-17
Tokens over 10mil seems to be showi...
Posted By: briskman3000
Tokens over 10mil seems to be showing a too low percentage value. The issue was actually with tokens that were exactly a multiple of 10 (10mil, 20mil, 30mil, etc.) Should be fixed in latest release.
File: AP Token Percent04-03-17
both issues should be fixed, millio...
Posted By: briskman3000
both issues should be fixed, millions was added in 1.3, artifact check added in 1.3.1 It never dawned on me to check for an equipped artifact since everyone should always have one on :p