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File: Faceroller02-13-11
Hunter Module
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Someone sent me a PM asking about a hunter module. I did a very basic one and included it in this last patch. If any hunters are available to test it, feel free to do so.
File: Faceroller02-13-11
I pushed out a patch to fix the las...
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I pushed out a patch to fix the last patch. -.- It shouldn't have taken me this long to post it but I've been extremely busy. For those people who add issues with other modules breaking, this should set them right. My apologies for that.
File: Faceroller01-23-11
Originally posted by jon310 In tr...
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Originally posted by jon310 In trying to figure out the issue that was reported for the fury warrior module I found that it is only working with the older version of this patch. http://imgur.com/g9tKa&6AWMql Two screens, the first with the latest patch and the second with the older version. I have no clue whats causing it, b...
File: Faceroller01-16-11
Re: Re: Re: Re: me also
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Originally posted by incognitoo nope not a single error, just that theres no modules loadad Ok. I'll take a look at the Fury Warrior addon for FR as well. I'm surprised more people didn't have issues. I looked at the spell ID list and completely forgot that I didn't update it.
File: Faceroller: Fury Warrior 4.0301-15-11
Originally posted by shaarp Also...
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Originally posted by shaarp Also I aint well clued up with this kinda stuff but your addon is for 4.01 ye? we are currently on 4.0.3a ? so could that be the reason it's saying no module for primary spec ? The 4.01 and 4.03 do not matter much with regards to the way addons are working in Cataclysm. The only thing that would real...
File: Faceroller01-15-11
Re: Re: me also
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Originally posted by incognitoo Its clearly not working, hence the neglectance of the author :( I'll look into it. Are there any errors popping up? I took a look at the Fury Warrior for Faceroller page and saw the thread and the screenshot. But that's not a lot for me to go off of.
File: Faceroller12-07-10
Re: Modules
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Originally posted by 4word None of my modules load in game, even the default ones. Is there anything i need to change in order to get them to load? Are these updated modules for 4.0.x?
File: Faceroller11-28-10
I think I actually added the Hunter...
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I think I actually added the Hunter part on my local and forgot to push an update. Thanks. I'll push these updates up today. Originally posted by ardente More fixes Index: D:/work/wow/Faceroller/trunk/Faceroller.lua =================================================================== --- D:/work/wow/Faceroller/trunk/Fac...
File: Faceroller11-03-10
Re: Re: Re: Patch or Complete Mod?
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Originally posted by Pigiron Good to know. I only brought it up because I tried applying the "patch" over the old version and got alot of errors when I ran it. Loving the addon, by the way. Thank you for updating it. :D Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I went ahead and put the proper version of the patch up with on...
File: Rogue: Subtlety11-03-10
Next Release
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In the next release, the addon will be more dynamic. In WotLK, depending on your gear and tier pieces and in some cases spec, things like Slice and Dice (as with Combat spec) was started up when you had 2, 3 or 4 CPs. Likewise, casting Tricks of the Trade in T10 was a DPS increase because it granted us extra energy. Therefore it need...
File: Faceroller11-02-10
Re: Patch or Complete Mod?
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Originally posted by Pigiron This is being called a patch. There seem to be the same number and types of files in this folder as there are in the original addon. Isn't this rather an updated addon in and of itself? That was solely by accident and I just never corrected it by uploading a new file with only the faceroller.lua and...
File: Faceroller10-29-10
Patch uploaded
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A patch for Faceroller can be found on the Optional Files tab or by going here: http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info18558.html
File: Faceroller10-20-10
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I'm waiting to hear back from the author, but more than likely, this project has been abandoned. The GIT repository that held the code is no longer there either. For those of you who would like to get the addon working, edit Faceroller.lua and add this on line 2: local GetSpellName = GetSpellName or GetSpellBookItemName This...