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File: Mute Annoying WoW Sounds05-08-20
Posted By: myrroddin
Are the sounds toggle on or toggle off, or is it install and permanently muted until the addon is disabled?
File: TomTom01-24-20
Re: Re: Re: Re: FeedTillers and TomTom
Posted By: myrroddin
Ah, TomTom does not bring up the arrow for waypoints on different continents. If you took the portal to Pandaria from Boralus, then the waypoint should show. It could be argued that this is a new feature request, as distances can be calculated within a world. The current add-on allows you to restrict waypoints within the current z...
File: TomTom01-22-20
Re: Re: FeedTillers and TomTom
Posted By: myrroddin
376 is the map ID for Valley of the Four Winds! Sorry, yes, you are correct. I did try 376 before but typed 367 in my question. I will try it again. You can use /tway list to show you where TomTom placed your waypoint. I missed that command and will test it out. Thus far the arrow isn't appearing. Could it be that the arrow is be...
File: TomTom01-21-20
FeedTillers and TomTom
Posted By: myrroddin
I am attempting to add TomTom support to FeedTillers (pastebin) and the debug print is showing the coordinates but the TomTom API isn't creating a waypoint. What I know is the code calling the function to add a waypoint (lines 156 and 157) is working because of the debug print line, but then I am stuck. The function is on lines 84...
File: Tidy Recipe Tooltip12-01-19
Does this work for Classic?
Posted By: myrroddin
Oh wow, this is fantastic! Does this addon work for Classic or only Retail?
File: RepByZone10-28-19
Re: Re: Re: Excellent!
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Keep up the great work; active changelogs are strangely satisfying. Who knew?! Noted that in SW the factions changes to IF when entering dwarven district - is that intended? Know some NPCs there are allied with IF, but not all. Perhaps just a trade-off, as it makes sense to have it one way or another? More curious as to your pr...
File: RepByZone10-18-19
Re: Excellent!
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Seemed to remember the functionality, but (lazily) figured it was not available in the classic port since no one really mentioned it.Great so far; thank you! I'm glad you are enjoying RepByZone so far. I'm still working on it, tweaking zones and associated reputations, adding subzones, etc.
File: Hide World Map Minimap Button10-10-19
The screenshot is nothing like the...
Posted By: myrroddin
The screenshot is nothing like the default minimap :confused: The screenshot is from ElvUI.
File: Fleecing Tip (Classic)10-01-19
Re: Re: [bug] and this error too
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Error fixed in version 1475 :o Woo hooo! :D
File: Fleecing Tip (Classic)09-30-19
[bug] and this error too
Posted By: myrroddin
Date: 2019-09-30 11:19:04 ID: 2 Error occured in: Global Count: 6 Message: ..\AddOns\FleecingTip\Main.lua line 292: attempt to index global 'FT_NewItemInfo' (a nil value) Debug: : ? FleecingTip\Main.lua:292: FleecingTip\Main.lua:261 : ? : ? : ? : OnTooltipSetItem() Enchantrix\EnxMain.lua:23...
File: Fleecing Tip (Classic)09-30-19
[bug] table expected, got nil
Posted By: myrroddin
I get this logging into an enUS realm: Date: 2019-09-30 11:18:31 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\FleecingTip\Main.lua line 46: bad argument #1 to 'wipe' (table expected, got nil) Debug: : wipe() FleecingTip\Main.lua:46: FleecingTip\Main.lua:42 Locals: (*temporary) = nil (*tempora...
File: Xloot-Classic09-30-19
GetCurrencyInfo isn't correct in Classic.
Posted By: myrroddin
I keep getting this error in Classic on a enUS realm. For reference, I searched the API for "currency" and found the following link: https://www.townlong-yak.com/framexml/live/Blizzard_APIDocumentation#s:getcurrency Date: 2019-09-27 21:09:02 ID: -6 Error occured in: Global Count: ∞ Message: ..\AddOns\XLoot_Monitor\Monitor...
File: AdvancedInterfaceOptions Classic09-24-19
Re: Why not post this addon to curseForge?
Posted By: myrroddin
Hope for that. https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/advancedinterfaceoptions
File: Details! Damage Meter Classic09-19-19
Re: Won't work on MAC
Posted By: myrroddin
Idk if I'm the only one experiencing this problem or not, but I'm having problems getting this to show up in my addons on mac, extracted by me and just taking the file straight from my finder > my mods > addons You should have two addons: Details and Details_TinyThreat. If you only see one folder, check inside it, as you probably ha...
File: Auctioneer09-15-19
Keeping a certain number of days' scan data
Posted By: myrroddin
Is there a setting in Auctioneer to keep a specified number of days' worth of auction house scan data? If there is, I can't spot it, so asking for a second set of eyes. For example, I only want to keep the 60 most recent days of scanning.
File: InFlight Classic08-29-19
I checked Twitch for this addon, an...
Posted By: myrroddin
I checked Twitch for this addon, and it is so new it isn't showing up, at least not in the Classic section. There is the retail version of InFlight listed; will it work in Classic, or do we need to install this version specifically for Classic? If the retail version of InFlight works in Classic, is it okay to update that version i...
File: Higher Learning01-26-19
Snazzy! One improvement: there is n...
Posted By: myrroddin
Snazzy! One improvement: there is no such word as "Uncompleted", as found in your tooltip. I suggest using Blizzard's global string INCOMPLETE instead. It is line 7986 of GlobalStings.lua, and you can drop it in just as I typed it, all capitals.
File: AdiBags - Archaeology07-26-18
Re: Updates?
Posted By: myrroddin
Please update your plugins (Archaeology and Hearthstones). I'm lost searching for items I need. They are coming! I just haven't had a lot of time lately. Both still work in 8.x and I don't know if it wise to add the itemIDs for BfA things until the expansion actually launches. The itemIDs might not work until then.
File: InFlight09-15-17
7.3.001 forgotten flight times
Posted By: myrroddin
Turns out I am not the only one who noticed InFlight forgot multiple flight times with this version. InFlight does have some stored times on Broken Isles, but several times that were logged and then uploaded to the forum thread were lost. InFlight is currently relearning how long it takes to fly. :eek: I have no idea if the sam...
File: Diplomancer09-12-17
Posted By: myrroddin
I'm not sure how you determine which instances to award Chromie reputation because I haven't really done any of that. In any case, there are now single person Chromie scenarios that award rep on the friendship scale starting with "Wormling". Her factionID is 2135.
File: Diplomancer09-12-17
More faction/location data
Posted By: myrroddin
Besides Conjurer Margoss who lives on his own floating island as a subzone of Dalaran (see below), here is some new data: Broken Shore (zoneID = 7543, rep = Armies of the Legionfall factionID 2045) There are 6 Fisherfriends each with their own friendship reputation. I will try to get the repID and locations exactly, but for now,...
File: TomTom07-02-17
TomTom's API?
Posted By: myrroddin
I am trying to learn TT's API, but it isn't easy. There are a couple of very similar instructions, and I don't really know which one to use. I have settled on the code below, but it doesn't put any waypoints on the map, nor does it create the crazy arrow. Also, I have found two different mapIDs for Valley of the Four Winds: 807 an...
File: !Beauty_Aurora (Release)05-28-17
Posted By: myrroddin
I grabbed the latest version of BeautyCase from NeavUI, although I get the exact same errors with the standalone version. When I have Legacy enabled: 8x !Beauty_Aurora Legacy\core.lua:29: attempt to call method 'CreateBorder' (a nil value) !Beauty_Aurora Legacy\core.lua:29: in function `CreateBD' Aurora\Other\Misc.lua:29: in fu...
File: gmDurability05-22-17
Thanks for your inputs. I have ch...
Posted By: myrroddin
Thanks for your inputs. I have changed the localization files and addon accordingly . Really thanks again. Much appreciated.You are welcome. Here are a few more. When I need to use the global strings, I use the search in my browser, and try to match as closely as possible. Therefore, I search for "shift" with the quotes, and f...
File: gmDurability05-19-17
Some of your translations are not n...
Posted By: myrroddin
Some of your translations are not necessary, and are already translated via the global strings. As examples: "Yes" and "No" are YES and NO, which the game will localize for you. Same with "Item Level" is the global string ITEM_UPGRADE_STAT_AVERAGE_ITEM_LEVEL. This will save you quite a lot of work.