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File: Binds When?02-07-15
AdiBags and DerpyStuffing added, bu...
Posted By: Emy
AdiBags and DerpyStuffing added, but untested. If you use one of these bag mods, grab the updated addon file from here and save it on top of the BindsWhen.lua file in the BindsWhen addon folder. Then reload your UI (if you're already in-game) and let me know if it works. Just tried on my banker (since he has the biggest variety of r...
File: Binds When?01-31-15
Brilliant idea! Could I put in a re...
Posted By: Emy
Brilliant idea! Could I put in a request for AdiBags support as well? Just tested and it doesn't work out of the box but I have no idea what it would need to make it work. :)
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-21-15
Right there where it says "tank mod...
Posted By: Emy
Right there where it says "tank mode". https://code.google.com/p/rothui/source/browse/trunk/wow6.0/rNamePlates/rNamePlates.lua#431 Either change the color that is defined in RGB (0,1,0) = GREEN or disable the condition. Thank you :)
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-20-15
@emy Nameplates are colored by fact...
Posted By: Emy
@emy Nameplates are colored by faction. If you fight an npc and have threat it will turn on tank mode. The colors match the faction table. https://code.google.com/p/rothui/source/browse/trunk/wow6.0/rNamePlates/rNamePlates.lua#437 Hmm, that isn't good with a horde hunter then :/ Having aggro is bad for me but the aggro colours show...
File: rNamePlates (Diablo)01-19-15
Hi Zork, Is the colour by faction...
Posted By: Emy
Hi Zork, Is the colour by faction option completely gone, or am I missing something really obvious? I can't see it in the Variables part. If gone, which version would I go back to, to get it again?
File: Roth UI (Diablo)10-08-13
Role icons
Posted By: Emy
Zork, Is there a way I can make the role icons on the raid frames a little larger? I'm now getting a little old, I seem to find it had to see them... Danke!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-06-13
Re: Re: Orb colours
Posted By: Emy
Emy. Err...it is right on the info page under the topic "orb config". See - said it was probably me being dim :D *blush*
File: Roth UI (Diablo)03-06-13
Orb colours
Posted By: Emy
I may just be being dim, but I can't find where to make the health bars class coloured again, or rather I have --color is in RGB (red (r), green (g), blue (b), alpha (a)), values are from 0 (dark color) to 1 (bright color). 1,1,1 = white / 0,0,0 = black / 1,0,0 = red etc cfg.colorswitcher = { bright = { r = 1,...
File: Bimbo09-01-12
Thank you!
Posted By: Emy
That's all :)
File: Tabard-O-Matic12-03-11
Line 35
Posted By: Emy
In case anyone is still confused / nervous about this line, it's: --if TOC_Version >= 30400 then self:SecureHook("PaperDollFrameItemFlyout_DisplayButton", "FlyoutUpdateItems") --end Just add the -- in front of self. :)
File: HunterAnnouncer04-28-11
Posted By: Emy
Any ideas why it has stopped announcing for me as of 4.1? I really miss it! :)
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-06-11
Re: Re: New oUF
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by zork No clue what you did. I'm testing oUF 1.5.6 atm. No problems. Lol ok - Will try again today!
File: Roth UI (Diablo)02-05-11
New oUF
Posted By: Emy
Hiya, Just a headsup that the new release of oUF isn't playing nice with Diablo :( It's just no showing any of the unit frames at all - it switched them back to the default UF which is yuck. Rolling back my oUF version until you say it's working :)
File: dMinimap 311-18-10
Can you point me at the bit in the...
Posted By: Emy
Can you point me at the bit in the code that lets me have a circular minimap, or do I still have to use version2?
File: OPie11-11-10
Originally posted by nytekat why...
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by nytekat why do some of my traps not show? I put them in and then they grey out and won't show up in the ring... snake trap and trap launcher are the only 2 that works. MM spec'ed atm I don't know the whys, but traps in general are bugged at the moment, except Snake Trap, so I suspect it is to do with that...
File: Power Bars10-31-10
Hiya, I like the looks of this, but...
Posted By: Emy
Hiya, I like the looks of this, but can't make it show on my warlock - and when I look on my addons list, it's not listed... Odd :(
File: DinnerBell07-01-10
Posted By: Emy
Not sure if it is just me, but noticed that it is not currently functioning in raids for me since the patch :(
File: Target For Me04-25-10
Update: Delete and reinstall worked...
Posted By: Emy
Update: Delete and reinstall worked and it's now playing ball again. Thanks :)
File: Target For Me03-27-10
Not sure why, but this seems to hav...
Posted By: Emy
Not sure why, but this seems to have stopped updating for me in 3.3.3... Bloody frustrating!
File: Realm Status10-22-09
Re: Re: EU version?
Posted By: Emy
Seconded a request for EU servers. Originally posted by Ceromus I will give it a shot. Are the EU servers currently down right this second They are... /sigh Blasted emergency maintenance :(
File: QuestClicks08-11-09
Re: Version 1.17
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by Dhar Yes the buttons are created. However clicking on them does nothing. I have the same problem :S
File: Perfect Hit05-28-09
Originally posted by globus Only...
Posted By: Emy
Originally posted by globus Only for caster for this version. I don't play non caster class and so I don't know well how their hit mecanisms work. I may consider extend this addon to others classes if I have time and if several people are interested. In a first step I prefer to track bug one the first release and so I'm waiting fo...
File: CrowBar04-15-09
Just edit the lua file to 300 inste...
Posted By: Emy
Just edit the lua file to 300 instead of 2xx - it still works perfectly :)