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File: ButtonFacade: PixelShadow12-18-11
Posted By: zeaphyr
downloadlink is wrong, u get "pixelskin" not "pixelshadow" downloadlink atm: ButtonFacade_PixelSkin downloadlink (other files): ButtonFacade_PixelShadow so everything okay with the skin itself.. just the downloadlink is fu**ed up.
File: dRecMap01-26-11
Posted By: zeaphyr
r2 is not showing any LFG or PVP queue buttons... just using the r1 again. and how to get rectangle buff/debuffs? :) Really like the map.
File: StrikeNow!12-21-10
like the idea, sadly it does nothin...
Posted By: zeaphyr
like the idea, sadly it does nothing on Dominos actionbars :/ Just getting a error msg when rage reaches the threshhold "Action bar page 5 clashes with toggled bar MultiBarBottomRightBottom" Would be awesome if it worked with other actionbar addons aswell. Keep up the good work.
File: guSmallBuffs03-31-10
Pretty nice. I like the countdownba...
Posted By: zeaphyr
Pretty nice. I like the countdownbar.. these would also be nice for actionbuttons ;) Is there a way to add consolidate Buffs.
File: rButtonTemplate12-28-08
finaly some alternative to ButtonFa...
Posted By: zeaphyr
finaly some alternative to ButtonFacade. Love those small addons with less memory usage. Nice work.
File: PolMonitor07-20-08
Posted By: zeaphyr
okay just registered for this comment :D this addon has great potential.. i was searching for something like this for a long time...(hate that shitty cooldown/debuff/buff bars) its just perfect for a shadowpriest... or other classes who need to watch their debuffs... some missing features: - that cycirled option sounds nice....