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File: NDui Classic11-26-19
Re: Auto sell
Posted By: siweia
For some reason my greys do not auto sell, it just puts a dot on them and I still have to manually click on them to sell, any thoughts? See FAQ.
File: NDui11-17-19
Hi I have a few questions about the...
Posted By: siweia
Hi I have a few questions about the add-on. - Can I change the font? It looks like it has changed everything to the font "2002" and I'd like to pick something different - Why can't I seem to get party frames for my party in arena? They always go to raid frames. I've tried killing my default wow profiles, reinstalling etc. - Also...
File: NDui11-12-19
Re: 4.9.0 update
Posted By: siweia
Hi, latest update makes font size smaller everywhere, intended? In the new version, I just simply 'outline' the fonts and didn't touch their fontsizes. The fontsizes should be the same as blizzard default value.
File: NDui Classic10-02-19
Re: Always Show Party/Raid Frames
Posted By: siweia
Hi. Thanks for the wonderful UI. Is it possible to always show Raid/Party frames, even when Solo? kindly, Arishem Unfortunately, it is not supported.
File: NDui Classic09-30-19
Re: Addon Font
Posted By: siweia
Hi, is there a way to change the font of the Tooltip/Unitframe or the overall font of the Addon? You need to find out how to change default game fonts. Because the font of NDui follow default game path.
File: NDui Classic09-25-19
Re: Aurawatch for Trinket/Equipment CDs
Posted By: siweia
So Aurawatch is auto-tracking trinket CDs (and I'd assume also other equipment slot CDs) without being listed in the ID section for Cooldowns. Can this be changed/fixed? I don't like having 5+ min CDs on my Cooldown aurawatch. Thank you! /ww And disable the group you dislike.
File: NDui Classic09-23-19
Re: aura watch
Posted By: siweia
https://prnt.sc/p9xwjv is not working or i did something wrong? click on the bar you've created, and post me the string it generates.
File: NDui09-23-19
Good, glad you informed me of also...
Posted By: siweia
Good, glad you informed me of also where they are instead of just saying "Already is". I looked and looked and found nothing that gives actual health and not just percentage otherwise i wouldn't have asked. It seems like you are talking about classic wow, what are you doing here then? Classic wow doesn't support any actual health...
File: NDui09-22-19
Actual health values on the namepla...
Posted By: siweia
Actual health values on the nameplates and target bar, is there a way to do this? Already is.
File: NDui Classic09-22-19
And do you plan to add other langua...
Posted By: siweia
And do you plan to add other languages: for example Russian ? If you are happy to, you can pull a request on github.
File: NDui Classic09-10-19
Re: Please
Posted By: siweia
Is there a way to disable to AUTO quest turn in ? TOPRIGHT of your worldmap. It's disabled as default.
File: NDui Classic09-07-19
I get this issue with add-on - Ques...
Posted By: siweia
I get this issue with add-on - QuestLogEx. This is an addon Auctionator http://prntscr.com/p2xu9p Tell me if you plan to add the option to select fonts or the ability to disable default font in the future. And do you plan to add other languages: for example Russian ? Thank you for your work, I am very grateful that you are...
File: NDui Classic09-06-19
Are you talking about the Blizz def...
Posted By: siweia
Are you talking about the Blizz default Interface section or what is the "Check GUI" all i see are /ndui and it's window mentions nothing about another GUI Options section. You will see a button named "NDui Console" on your main menu. Yes, of course, I constantly monitor updates. You can install this add-on for yourself and check...
File: NDui Classic09-06-19
Hi, I like this add-on, but I do no...
Posted By: siweia
Hi, I like this add-on, but I do not like this Very large font. The full name does not fit and I canít understand which page I am buying https://prnt.sc/p2m3e7 the text of the assignment is just awful http://prntscr.com/p2m47w I hope you fix it Are you using the right version?
File: NDui Classic09-06-19
Great UI M8. Nice and simple like m...
Posted By: siweia
Great UI M8. Nice and simple like my Altz UI i use on live. Quick question, how do you get combo points on name plates? Enable personal resource bar in GUI-auras. Also the combat text can that be disabled? I like the standard blizz ui one. Check GUI. And the overall text of everything i run a 34 inch ultrawide so it's all sma...
File: NDui Classic09-02-19
Love the UI but is there any way to...
Posted By: siweia
Love the UI but is there any way to change the text on the player frames and nameplates to just the percent? Some options can be find in GUI. The last 6 buttons of Bottom-Right Bar seem to be misaligned right now. Why don't you move them? Gr8 UI, but i can't open WeakAuras and i dont know why. What's going on? New version f...
File: NDui09-02-19
How can i set some reminder i dont...
Posted By: siweia
How can i set some reminder i dont have buff (e. g. Arcane Intellect)? WeakAuras is not working :( If you are a mage, the addon do reminder you when you lack of arcane intellect. But not support classic wow atm.
File: NDui08-30-19
Re: Rader IO Addon Causing Problems
Posted By: siweia
Whenever I enable the raider io addon , my game is getting strange mini freezes between few seconds , it is really annoying and idk how to fix this except disablin the raider io addon . Hope u can find a solution . Alright, I will take a look.
File: NDui Classic08-28-19
Re: Nameplates
Posted By: siweia
I dig the nameplates but other I want default UI. Is that possible and how would I do that? Disable everything you don't like through addon console panel.
File: NDui08-27-19
NDui for classic wow https://git...
Posted By: siweia
NDui for classic wow https://github.com/siweia/NDuiClassic
File: NDui08-22-19
Hello, are you making this addon co...
Posted By: siweia
Hello, are you making this addon compatibel to WoW Classic? mfg All I can say is maybe.
File: NDui08-16-19
Re: Can you help?
Posted By: siweia
Hello. I really love your UI. And use it from the beginning of Legion. Great job! But How can I remove strings like "Spell ID" and "From" from buffs\debuffs. And remove "Stack caps" "ItemID" from Bags? I know this somewhere in the TooltipID.lua, But I donít fully understand. Thanks.:) Not supported yet, I might add an option t...
File: NDui08-11-19
I have just started using this with...
Posted By: siweia
I have just started using this with my holy paladin, is there a way to get glimmer of light buff to show on party/raid frames Click the gear button next to "Console-RaidFrame-Show Corner BuffIndicator".
File: NDui08-01-19
Re: Classic WoW?
Posted By: siweia
Hey, I was wondering if you plan on converting this UI for Classic? I've been using it for a long time now and want the same thing in Classic. I only have the chance to do so once it goes on live.
File: NDui07-07-19
I'm using NDui, just an older versi...
Posted By: siweia
I'm using NDui, just an older version of it that still displays everything properly. Try to use 4.2.0 alone, and disable all other addons you have. If still buggy, let me know. You need to find out what addon may cause the crash.