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File: UnitButtons06-27-07
Re: Next Release
Posted By: Meldas
Originally posted by sstixrud What features do people want most in the next few releases? I plan to add focus and target's target bars in the next release. Downranking by clicking with the right mouse button would be nice. The right-click should choose half of the rank to cast the spell.
File: MendWatch03-24-07
Feedback and a feature request
Posted By: Meldas
With the patched Babble lib this works fine on German clients. However, the visual player I am, I have a feature request: Is it possible to attach the prayer of mending bars to the corresponding Unit Frames? So, if a prayer is on party member 2 the bar is shown at his unit frame (with a configurable x/y offset)? This would reall...
File: RollTracker01-12-07
German roll scanning
Posted By: Meldas
Hello, for the german client replace line 56 with the following: for name, roll, low, high in string.gmatch(arg1, "(+) w\195\188rfelt. Ergebnis: (%d+) %((%d+)%-(%d+)%)$") do
File: PartyPetsFrame01-10-07
My wish list: - Reduce the strat...
Posted By: Meldas
My wish list: - Reduce the strata of the frames. Currently they are on top of all UI elements (which is bad). - I would like to have a darker background of the unit frames. - Narrow the frames, e.g. by moving the pet owner name into the tooltip. - Buffs & debuffs display would be nice.
File: PartyPetsFrame01-09-07
v0.0.1 needs to be localized
Posted By: Meldas
The version 0.0.1 will only work on english clients. This is caused by the following line (for the party and for the raid): if( UnitClass( "party" .. i ) == "Warlock" or UnitClass( "party" .. i ) == "Hunter" ) then UnitClass() returns two values: localizedClass, englishClass = UnitClass("unit"); So, you either replace 'Wa...
File: Healing Range Alpha09-16-06
Key binding
Posted By: Meldas
Hello, the addon works like advertised - very good! However, I would like to have a keybinding to switch HRA on/off. So, with one key you can activate it in the midst of a battle or switch it off if you don't care for range.