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File: Revelation02-03-09
Process stopping after two to five iterations
Posted By: Raif
Hey, I'm having this little problem with the latest Revelation (also with older versions, but it also exists with the current one). When I tell Revelation to create more than one item (e.g. "30 heavy frostweave bandages") then the process starts but it stops after having created a couple of items. Most of the time it stops after t...
File: LinksList01-20-09
English client on German server
Posted By: Raif
Hey, I'm using an English client on a German server. Whenever someone with a German client posts an item LinksList records the item under its German name because the item link posted by the German client contains the German title. I dug around in the source code a bit and changed the file LinksList\Sections\Items\Lib-ItemLinksD...
File: MendWatch02-09-07
Regarding v0.2 and German clients....
Posted By: Raif
Regarding v0.2 and German clients. Babble-Spell is unfortunately not up to date. Edit the file MendWatch\Libs\Babble-Spell-2.2\Babble-Spell-2.2.lua and replace the translation with = "Gebet der Besserung", in the section for "deDE", and the first spell cast correctly triggers the bar to appear. I'm in the middle of a raid...