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File: Power Auras Classic04-15-09
spells not showing
Posted By: xnn
First things first, fantastic addon! I am having a few issues atm though. I am not able to get an icon to appear for either Bladestorm or Shattering Throw. The spelling is correct, using action available, etc. and I have the most recent version available from wowcurse. Any ideas why?
File: BigRed02-28-09
Not working /w Macaroon?
Posted By: xnn
I love this addon, tyvm for making it. I do have one issue though... EDIT: I've been messing with it a bit... Basically, the problem is not getting BigRed to work with Macaroon, it is that it seems to ONLY work when I have Bartender4 enabled. If not, I see a black box, no error text appears whatsoever, and I cannot use t...
File: ReadySpells12-04-08
I had been using tellmewhen as well...
Posted By: xnn
I had been using tellmewhen as well to try to fill the empty hold in my cold, dark heart.. and although i enjoy using it for tracking longer CDs it just is not the same. I can't even bring myself to play my new deathknight without readyspells. To answer someone's question, tellmewhen does not track your range or rage/energy/man...