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File: Cellular12-06-10
Reply binding and left-click on window
Posted By: poppyq
Finally got around to playing again to get ready for Cataclysm and ran into some problems. I saw that in a version from 10/24 it's noted that a fix was done for reply binding. However, when I have R bound to chat reply, it's just bringing up the cellular window (if I closed it) but not activating the edit box. Also, if I left-click o...
File: cargExplorer10-20-08
This addon kills my FPS when I zone...
Posted By: poppyq
This addon kills my FPS when I zone into an instance. When I go back out of the instance I'm fine. Tested this by disabling addons until I narrowed it down to cargexplorer. May need an update to prevent the addon from doing anything when in an instance.