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File: FreeUI 02-19-19
Posted By: zympathique
So I'm a complete and utter LUA noob, however, I do appreciate a good looking UI. This looks epic! I spend like an hour or more trying to install it, but I failed big time. I'd love to use this UI so could you please make and installation guide or video? Would be much appreciated. Keep up the good work
File: Tohr UI07-17-17
Pushed an update, see if that works...
Posted By: zympathique
Pushed an update, see if that works Thanks man! Works like a charm now. You da real MVP!
File: Tohr UI07-09-17
Installation issues
Posted By: zympathique
Hi Tohr! Just got back to WoW today and figured I'd be using my favorite UI again - Tohr UI. However, whenever I download the UI, login to WoW, the setup window wont appear. If I type /tukUI, /tohr or /tohrui the standard ElvUI setup window appears. What do I do wrong? I get this LUA error: Message: Interface\AddOns\ElvUI_To...