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File: DockingStation (Display)01-10-17
Appreciate the continued support!
Posted By: Alderan2
Vrul, Thank you for the continuing support of this addon. There are others out there, but DockingStation is so flexible, easy to configure and has better formatting options.
File: QuestGuru08-06-16
Posted By: Alderan2
New version is up (2.4.07) and seems to be working fine. Please let me know if otherwise.Cheers! :) Appreciate your continued development of this addon, Lazare!
File: Cromulent10-20-10
Available on Curse (curses!)
Posted By: Alderan2
Cromulent version 1.5.3 is available on Curses, indicates it works with 4.0.1, released on October 18. Wonder why WowInterface doesn't have that info?? :confused: