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File: Roth UI (Diablo)01-19-11
not sure how possible it is... but...
Posted By: sn0n
not sure how possible it is... but what about a map overlay... like an ultrazoomed in minimap with transparencies to mimic the diablo overlay map...
File: Sain UI01-18-11
no Target of Target....
Posted By: sn0n
please fix ;) unless im missing something, my target of target is missing. was working prior to suite. everything else is excellent. ty. maybe movable unitframes?
File: Addon Control Panel11-28-10
Feature Request...
Posted By: sn0n
Clear an addons variables / cache? sometimes when updating an addon i have to manually type like.. /script GnomeWorksDB = {} /reload for example.. dont know how doable this is.. but would love the feature!!!
File: Quick Auctions 304-14-10
Sort Item Groups (Manual or Alpha)
Posted By: sn0n
is it possible to sort the item groups? i have about 80 groups and they reallllly need sorting (manual or alpha).. tried a bit of google magic and came up with nothing..
File: Bagnon Armory06-04-09
Gold on Server
Posted By: sn0n
Combuctor / Bags dont show anything in the mouseover on gold, just a 'Total on Kalecgos' and empty line underneath.. Armory shows correctly.. not sure if its a Combuctor or Bagnon Armory item... any ideas?