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File: InFlight01-25-20
3x InFlight\InFlight-8.3.001.lua:39...
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3x InFlight\InFlight-8.3.001.lua:398: attempt to index local 'tb' (a nil value) :398: in function `InitSource' :37: in function `?' :3: in function Locals: self = InFlight { 0 = defaults = { } ADDON_LOADED = defined @InFlight_Load\InFlight_Load.lua:16...
File: TomTom09-13-16
Hello Cladhaire. Can you please add...
Posted By: gixxpunk
Hello Cladhaire. Can you please add support for worldquests in legion to TomTom waypoint arrow? Currently it unly works for normal quests. Thanks!