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File: InFlight07-21-20
Class color option?
Posted By: AphelionZero
Would it be possible to make the bar class colored? Thank you for such a wonderful addon and for maintaining it all these years!
File: Broker_WorldQuests06-27-17
Outline the font?
Posted By: AphelionZero
Thank you for such an indispensable addon! I was looking for a way to add a font outline but can't seem to find anything. Is it possible?
File: Ara Broker Guild Friends12-22-12
What do the big Green Dots mean?...
Posted By: AphelionZero
What do the big Green Dots mean? If we're talking about the same thing, its an error of some kind since 5.0 and I'm not entirely sure how to correct it, although I wish there was a solution.