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File: Hekili - Priority Helper for Battle for Azeroth09-07-20
Just downloaded, slightly confused
Posted By: Barleduq
I can't figure out how to move the bar. I ended up disabling it mid-fight with Carapace cause it was overlaying the sanity bar and I couldn't tell how bad things were until I had tentacles on my screen. -Barleduq
File: Classic Quest Log08-25-20
As long as it's clearly findable fr...
Posted By: Barleduq
As long as it's clearly findable from this page, and clearly indicated which addon it used to be, I have no problem with a name change. I only have a problem with an addon seeming to *go away* when it only had a name change. Thank you, so very much, for making addons. Your work makes my life more pleasant, even in small ways (l...
File: WeakAuras 208-03-20
Still not right :/
Posted By: Barleduq
Both retail and classic show as updated august 2nd. I just DL'ed, Aug 8 5am EDT, and got the same 'repair?' error mentioned before - and then got disconnected before I could react. I installed a previous version that I had (I keep a version or two back for just this reason), and STILL got the repair dialog. I have disabled the addo...
File: PortGear07-24-20
Just came here to request....
Posted By: Barleduq
... the same ring(s) that the previous person requested, the ones that return you to Boralus and (I presume) the Horde capital. My apologies, I'm not comfortable with editing a file inside the addon. Thank you, this is an AWESOME addon! -Barleduq
File: Pawn05-17-20
Pawn suggesting Agility only sword for Monk Healspec
Posted By: Barleduq
So I followed instructions on Raidbots and put the thing from it into Pawn. (forgive my language, I'm having a hard word day.) Now it tells me when things are upgrades for any of my specs, which is fine. But this is not right. This item doesn't have any intellect on it. In the screenshot, I'm hovering over it, and have my other t...
File: LightHeaded05-08-20
Posted By: Barleduq
WOOO!!!! :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana: -Barleduq
File: Analyst04-01-20
Thank you for updating!
Posted By: Barleduq
I've missed this so much! -Barleduq :banana::banana::banana::banana::banana:
File: TomTom02-23-20
Also, Storm Peaks
Posted By: Barleduq
I take my JC to Storm Peaks, which at least has the chance at finding most of the Frostbitten (?) rares. Mostly the ones I don't have, tho I should check... -Barleduq
File: WorldFlightMap02-12-20
Posted By: Barleduq
I had to reinstall my entire machine this past weekend (RIP disk drive) and now I'm getting this error. I didn't get it before! Date: 2020-02-12 23:09:16 ID: 5 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\WorldFlightMap\WorldFlightMap.lua line 117: attempt to call global 'GetWorldMapTransforms' (a nil value) Debug...
File: Yarrr02-12-20
Posted By: Barleduq
I had to reinstall my entire machine this past weekend (RIP disk drive) and now I'm getting this error. Don't know how old it is, because I usually have this disabled unless I'm using it (usually on ITLAPday). Date: 2020-02-12 23:09:16 ID: 6 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\Yarrr\Yarrr.lua line 911: h...
File: Grail02-12-20
Posted By: Barleduq
I had to reinstall my entire machine over the weekend (RIP disk drive) and after pulling all my addons down again, I'm getting this error. I'll note that I haven't removed all the extraneous addon folders this time, I've just disabled them. Date: 2020-02-12 23:09:34 ID: 10 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\...
File: MountSpy02-12-20
Error, and please update here?
Posted By: Barleduq
I know you're updating on curse, but please update here too? It's much friendlier than curse is, to users anyway. I reinstalled my entire machine over the weekend (RIP disk drive) and am now getting the following errors: Date: 2020-02-12 23:09:44 ID: 11 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\MountSpy\MountS...
File: BetterTooltips02-11-20
For various reasons, I'm looking at...
Posted By: Barleduq
For various reasons, I'm looking at all my addons again, and I came across this comment. I'm assuming that I would download the addon as normal, and then replace the named file with what's in pastebin? If not, I would greatly appreciate more detailed instructions, and/or a pointer to something that does the same thing. I mis...
File: WeakAuras 202-01-20
Question about hte minimap button
Posted By: Barleduq
Is there some way to hide the minimap button other htan using the middle mouse button? My mouse is a trackball, and doesn't have a middle mouse button. I'd like to hide it from my minimap because I have a minimap button grabber, which does, indeed, grab the button, but it's still showing up on my minimap. Thanks! -Barleduq
File: ScrapBook (Retail)01-31-20
Re: Re: WoW Problems that MIGHT be related here...
Posted By: Barleduq
I'll try that, in the sense of testing it when nothing is happening might give me data. But it happens most often when lots of flashy stuff is on my screen - middle of combat, especially in dungeons/raids. Have I missed a setting that might turn it off during combat? (Is that even possible?) Then again, that wouldn't come into effe...
File: ScrapBook (Retail)01-23-20
WoW Problems that MIGHT be related here...
Posted By: Barleduq
For a while, I've had problems where if Scrapbook went off while a lot of flashy crap was going on on my screen, my game client would freeze. I *think* it's the act of turning off the interface (alt-z) interacting with "DO ALL THE THINGS ON THE SCREEN" flashy spells or actions that would do it. It's gotten worse since the 8.3 drop,...
File: InFlight01-19-20
Feature request
Posted By: Barleduq
So ever since I found some flight addons, I've used this for the icons on the map, and the flight timer display, and Flight Map Enhanced & Times for the added-on display on the right side, with a text list (sorted by visible zone) of flight points. Which is a GREAT help when I'm not yet familiar with the visual map, to find a flight...
File: BtWQuests: Classic10-20-19
Hi there!
Posted By: Barleduq
Is this standalone for classic, or do I need BTWQuests for it to run? I was getting errors from BTWquests yesterday when I logged in to classic, but when I clicked it off in the addons pane, it said 'dependency missing'. (No, i haven't applied the updates from the 19th of October yet, but I don't know if I'm going to have time to ge...
File: ClassicUI10-12-19
That feature is what made me choose...
Posted By: Barleduq
That feature is what made me choose this over another 'restore the griffin bar' addon. Thank yoU! -Barleduq Because some of you consider the extra GreyOnCooldown functionality important, I have decided to launch it as an independent addon (for both versions retail and classic). This functionality is still integrated in ClassicU...
File: ScrapBook (Retail)10-02-19
Re: Re: Any plans for classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
Wondering if this is compatible wtih classic as/is, or if it needs some tweaking? Love it, tho it takes the weirdest shots :D -Barleduq It is compatible. Until I get a separate download page setup on WoWInterface you can find the classic download page here: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/scrapbook Thank you! Looking...
File: Grail09-30-19
I've got enogh addons that my loadi...
Posted By: Barleduq
I've got enogh addons that my loading screens take a while. I admit I don't know much about how addons load, but removing the extraneous stuff is easy enough for me, and can only help. BFA doubled my cpu usage when running WoW, and upped my memory usage by about half again, and that was before I added any BFA specific addons. Anyth...
File: NameplateColors09-30-19
Posted By: Barleduq
I saw in the changelog that it's marked as 'update for classic' - I'm guessing I just drop this into the Classic AddOns folder also? -Barleduq
File: Grail09-29-19
Just download the latest Wholly (07...
Posted By: Barleduq
Just download the latest Wholly (072) and Grail (101) and it works in both Classic and Retail. However, the Classic version does not have all the quest information present yet. Submissions from your play in Classic would be appreciated. You can also get the very latest versions from GitHub. Ok, I noticed that Grail had folders...
File: Grail09-28-19
... Grail classic?
Posted By: Barleduq
Where is it? Putting grail classic into search here doesn't find anything. :( -Barleduq
File: ArcHUD3 Classic09-22-19
I just found this addon...
Posted By: Barleduq
... and I'm having trouble figuring out which arc represents what. Is there a guide somewhere, or a graphic with each arc labeled? Thanks -Barleduq