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File: NDui09-03-20
Re: Healing Layout?
Posted By: siweia
Hey hey, ... Sorry, I don't play healer that much. No clue about what a healer layout should be.
File: NDui06-08-20
The panels in the upper-left and lo...
Posted By: siweia
The panels in the upper-left and lower-right corners of the screen are missing. How do I enable them? That's not possible. It should have some errors when missing. Check your bottom-right of your screen, and show me the error you got with your add-on version, which all written in FAQ.
File: NDui Classic06-05-20
Hello Siweia! I apologize if thi...
Posted By: siweia
Hello Siweia! I apologize if this has already been asked before, but for your Classic edition NDUI, do you plan on developing a built in quest progress tracker attached to tooltips when highlighted over monsters/items? Sort of like how Questie does it without having to download such a large addon? It is not possible, you have t...
File: NDui06-02-20
Re: action bar switch
Posted By: siweia
... Make sure your main actionbar is switch to page 1 as default, which might be the hotkey SHIFT+1. The actionbar only switch to the button you need, when it is on page 1.
File: NDui Classic05-20-20
Re: Auction window bugged?
Posted By: siweia
hello! ive had a problem with my auctionhouse window ever since I started using this UI but its starting to annoy me nowadays, I tried updating the UI today but didnt seem to fix it https://imgur.com/a/mT3PRFK that white line covers the whole screen and stays fixed when I click the searchbar to try and search for somthing, cant...
File: NDui Classic05-12-20
Re: Re: Re: NDUI Banner
Posted By: siweia
Is it just a cosmetic thing? Yes, fire on the first move after logging into game.
File: NDui Classic05-10-20
Re: NDUI Banner
Posted By: siweia
Hi. Maybe it's been around a while, but what's the "new" NDUI banner that floats across the screen? I've never noticed it before. Thanks for a great UI. What is? It is banner as you see.
File: NDui05-03-20
Re: Chat timestamps
Posted By: siweia
In 5.5 there is always a chat timestamp, even with it disabled in GUI. Any fix? Make sure you turn off timestamp in GUI and blizz interface option panel.
File: NDui04-16-20
Hello, i just started wow and i am...
Posted By: siweia
Hello, i just started wow and i am using your ui (which helped me A LOT in contrast to downloading and using 100 others addons) so thanks for your addon. I have a question though that i can't find anyone to answer me. There is a number on the bottom left corner of the items. What does it mean? It's their item level.
File: Stagger04-12-20
I can't move the bar. /stg shows a...
Posted By: siweia
I can't move the bar. /stg shows a "move" bar that even says move in it. This is not working to move it. Fixed in 6.3.
File: NDui Classic04-06-20
Re: Shaman Class Colour
Posted By: siweia
May just be me being an idiot, but I cannot find a way to change my shaman Class colour from pink to Blue. No, you can't. It has been removed. You can try this. https://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info25536-BluishShaman.html
File: NDui02-02-20
Could you please add a custom filte...
Posted By: siweia
Could you please add a custom filter system to cardboard bags? I mean, I can use the / cbniv addbag. But the standard hotkey for moving the item does not work:( And thanks for this interface, I am Russian, and in the near future I will translate your UI into Russian, because it is really great. This is not cargbags niviya, you can...
File: NDui01-16-20
Re: Re: Rader IO Addon Causing Problems
Posted By: siweia
Whenever I enable the raider io addon , my game is getting strange mini freezes between few seconds , it is really annoying and idk how to fix this except disablin the raider io addon . Hope u can find a solution . I have the same problem, Is there any other solution than disabling the addon? Raider io is not functioning in CN...
File: NDui01-16-20
Re: Nameplate Textures
Posted By: siweia
First off: I love your UI, have been running it very consistently which for me is huge, I tend to get bored and swap to something else fairly regularly. Anyway, with this latest update the nameplates seem to stick with the flat texture when I set it to use Highlight. Gradient uses the actual gradient one. Not sure if that's intended...
File: NDui Classic12-16-19
Re: Fonts on Quest Tracker are black?
Posted By: siweia
Hi, I do like your UI, but I have a problem. My Quest Logs text is black and it looks horrible against the quest log. https://i.imgur.com/q5v3hnZ.png Do you know how to change this? I'm using NDui Classic Version 1.13.0 (classic) Re download your addons from here, with all folders.
File: NDui Classic12-16-19
Great work! can u tell me which add...
Posted By: siweia
Great work! can u tell me which addon will post a announce when i dispel target buffs in pvp area? im using the classic version. thx a lot. No idea. NDui do have this announce feature, but it's disabled as default. Skada or WA might have the feature as well.
File: NDui12-16-19
Hello! i like this ui addon, but i...
Posted By: siweia
Hello! i like this ui addon, but i do have a question. how does i change an ability thats on the personal resource bar you have in the middle? there are some abilties on it, but i want to remove one and add another It's written in FAQ already. Q: How to setup the spells on pensonal resource bar? A: Search folder "Lumos" and fi...
File: NDui Classic11-26-19
Re: Auto sell
Posted By: siweia
For some reason my greys do not auto sell, it just puts a dot on them and I still have to manually click on them to sell, any thoughts? See FAQ.
File: NDui11-17-19
Hi I have a few questions about the...
Posted By: siweia
Hi I have a few questions about the add-on. - Can I change the font? It looks like it has changed everything to the font "2002" and I'd like to pick something different - Why can't I seem to get party frames for my party in arena? They always go to raid frames. I've tried killing my default wow profiles, reinstalling etc. - Also...
File: NDui11-12-19
Re: 4.9.0 update
Posted By: siweia
Hi, latest update makes font size smaller everywhere, intended? In the new version, I just simply 'outline' the fonts and didn't touch their fontsizes. The fontsizes should be the same as blizzard default value.
File: NDui Classic10-02-19
Re: Always Show Party/Raid Frames
Posted By: siweia
Hi. Thanks for the wonderful UI. Is it possible to always show Raid/Party frames, even when Solo? kindly, Arishem Unfortunately, it is not supported.
File: NDui Classic09-30-19
Re: Addon Font
Posted By: siweia
Hi, is there a way to change the font of the Tooltip/Unitframe or the overall font of the Addon? You need to find out how to change default game fonts. Because the font of NDui follow default game path.
File: NDui Classic09-25-19
Re: Aurawatch for Trinket/Equipment CDs
Posted By: siweia
So Aurawatch is auto-tracking trinket CDs (and I'd assume also other equipment slot CDs) without being listed in the ID section for Cooldowns. Can this be changed/fixed? I don't like having 5+ min CDs on my Cooldown aurawatch. Thank you! /ww And disable the group you dislike.
File: NDui Classic09-23-19
Re: aura watch
Posted By: siweia
https://prnt.sc/p9xwjv is not working or i did something wrong? click on the bar you've created, and post me the string it generates.
File: NDui09-23-19
Good, glad you informed me of also...
Posted By: siweia
Good, glad you informed me of also where they are instead of just saying "Already is". I looked and looked and found nothing that gives actual health and not just percentage otherwise i wouldn't have asked. It seems like you are talking about classic wow, what are you doing here then? Classic wow doesn't support any actual health...