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File: TauntMaster11-23-13
Yes, it is dead. A final update wa...
Posted By: qod
Yes, it is dead. A final update was posted through the Curse Client that throws an error upon login. The entire .lua currently consists of this code: --local unit = ... if event == "PLAYER_LOGIN" then DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("TauntMaster: shut down.") DEFAULT_CHAT_FRAME:AddMessage("TauntMaster sh...
File: I Interrupted That09-01-12
hi there. Love your addon. btw :)...
Posted By: qod
hi there. Love your addon. btw :) I'm not sure if this is a bug or I'm just broke. But something seems to be happening with the 'say' option. In bg's it only does 'self' even tho I say to do 'say' but it does do 'say' when I duel. I'm wondering if there is something I'm missing. I'd like for it to do /s all the time if possib...
File: I Interrupted That08-31-12
Any chance of breaking up the /iit...
Posted By: qod
Any chance of breaking up the /iit auto command so I can manually set it to party/raid/whatever I want rather than having the addon decide (ie instances where the raid is broken up into interrupt groups and there's no reason to have it broadcast to the raid, or your party is responsible for a specific interrupt). Thanks in advance...
File: SpartanUI03-12-12
Ah that solves that problem. Thanks...
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Ah that solves that problem. Thanks :) But about the others, would it affect anything else in the UI if I just took Module-ChatFrame.lua out of the folder? to revert the chat back to default? I've downloaded the latest changes from the beta branch and currently working on a toggle to turn on and off the zork rChat code. It ann...
File: Spellsteal Party Links10-10-11
Originally posted by flyg Hi,...
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Originally posted by flyg Hi, Hope you dont mind - changed the output to MSBT since i couldnt get that addon to work with spellsteal! line 52 - replace with whole line with MikSBT.DisplayMessage("You"..ssplsaymsg, MikSBT.DISPLAYTYPE_NOTIFICATION, true, 255, 128, 255); Changing that line would mess it up for anyone that...
File: I Interrupted That07-15-11
Originally posted by Xaith Hello...
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Originally posted by Xaith Hello there qod. Is there a way to change the message output without fiddling in the .lua? I remember having "Interrupted: mobname's !" as the output. Now the non-verbose Version is "I interrupted mobname's !", and the verbose mode is even longer. I'd like to have a simple "Interrupted: ", but I'm...
File: I Interrupted That06-29-11
Originally posted by donteventrii...
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Originally posted by donteventrii What's the feasibility of those other ideas? Announcing ally interrupts, CCs, Dispels? Ally interrupts are working, just type /iit allmembers As for CCs and Dispels, that'll be another addon or 2, I'd rather not combine them.
File: I Interrupted That06-29-11
Re: Re: v3.3.7b
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Originally posted by Maziel Good job. Now for the tricky part of making the addon recognise spells that interrupt that aren't listed in the interrupt event. =D Avenger Shield Hammer of Justice Holy Wrath To name just a couple which didn't seem to be reported but interrupted spells. I'm sure other classes have similia...
File: I Interrupted That06-29-11
Posted By: qod
Totally wiped out the new code and wrote up a new routine that actually works.
File: I Interrupted That06-28-11
My bad
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I was half asleep when I wrote that up, also during maintanence so I couldn't test it. I've uploaded a snapshot I took before attempting the allmembers stuff, so it'll work for now. I'll have the new stuff fixed up either later tonight or in the morning.
File: I Interrupted That06-24-11
I started my developing career work...
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I started my developing career working with "Who Pulled?", which was a favorite of mine that got abandoned. I got it working again after cata came out and broke it, and took over the project. I've since added a few features, fixed some bugs, and learned a little more about lua each day. When 4.1 went live and broke "I Interrupted...
File: I Interrupted That06-23-11
Not so sure about being on by defau...
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Not so sure about being on by default, but as an option that can be turned on, sure. I've got things ready for 4.2, except for a gsub in one of my other addons, but I'll see about adding this while I'm fixing that. I don't have time on my account, so I can only use the PTR to test things. If 4.2 is really going live on the 28th, I...
File: I Interrupted That06-09-11
Re: Re: Re: @ God
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Originally posted by donteventrii I tried looking at the .lua in notepad but I couldn't decipher it. I guess I am naiive assuming you can just switch from "/raid" to "/bg"? Thanks for keeping up to date with it :) Updated with battleground announcing. If you're in "self" or "say" mode, it will only tell you in the chat win...
File: I Interrupted That05-19-11
Re: @ God
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Originally posted by donteventrii Hey God, thanks in advance for posting an update. Haven't tried it yet but this is one of my favorite addons. You are a gentleman and a scholar. @Elphie Is it possible to broadcast this in Battleground chat? The problem with Say is that once people know you are using the addon they will kn...
File: I Interrupted That05-09-11
Optional patch
Posted By: qod
I've got the update posted as an optional patch. Give it a whirl, guys.
File: I Interrupted That05-08-11
Posted By: qod
Got it fixed up and working as far as I can tell. Tested with my mage. Mailing it off to Elphie now, along with Spellsteal Party Links, which I also fixed. Email me at [email protected] for a copy of it if she hasn't posted it yet. edit- Sorry about the delay, had a birth in the family.
File: I Interrupted That05-03-11
I'll give it a try
Posted By: qod
After maintanence is over and I get back from lunch, I'll see about fixing this and email the changes to Elphie so she can post the update. I'll post back here with my progress.