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File: Feed-O-Matic11-06-19
Spartan UI support?
Posted By: EvilGrin
any chance to impelement Spartan UI support or a make it reachable via Bartender or at least a creating Macro option for UI's that hide the Blizzframes? I loved back in time the GFW addons hopefully there will be more tp be reanimated^^:banana:
File: Postal06-16-11
Re: Re: Replied mails
Posted By: EvilGrin
Originally posted by AnrDaemon It's not realistically possible. Blizzard does not provide unique identifiers for a mail in mailbox. kk. thats a pity ..thx for the quick reply!!
File: Postal06-06-11
Replied mails
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Xinhuan dunno if this is ever been requested before... is it somehow possible to track "replied mails" maybe via an icon like an envelope on the right side, left beside the delete/return icon at the mailbox ... i'd really like to see if i responded allready to an mail or not greetingz from germany
File: Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor04-07-11
Lua error II
Posted By: EvilGrin
and this one... : 72x :"FDPHiddenTooltip:OnLoad":1: attempt to index global "this" (a nil value) AddonLoader-r114\AddonLoader-r114.lua:109: in function "LoadAddOn" AddonLoader\Conditions.lua:128: in function AddonLoader\Conditions.lua:143: in function
File: Fizzwidget Disenchant Predictor04-07-11
Lua Error
Posted By: EvilGrin
getting this error within recent version: 1112x GFW_DisenchantPredictor\DisenchantPredictor.lua:282: attempt to index local "frame" (a nil value) GFW_DisenchantPredictor\DisenchantPredictor.lua:173: in function Broker_Extractor-2.1.1-release\Broker_Ext...
File: Fizzwidget Feed-O-Matic02-14-11
Update for 4.06
Posted By: EvilGrin
... would be way appreciated!! thx in advance and greetingz form germany
File: Altoholic03-25-10
Hey Thaoky dunno if this is sugg...
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Thaoky dunno if this is suggested ever before, but is there any way to assign or open the assigment box for Raid invitements via Alto-Calendar function? This would be very handy^^ I can see at the moment all invites from all Alts to a raid ... maybe you could make the "Status", when hovering over an appointment, as a button...
File: FaceShooter03-13-10
lua error line 1873
Posted By: EvilGrin
2x FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:1873: attempt to index field 'lastShot' (a nil value) FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:1959: in function `Scheduler' FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:2592: in function `?' FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:23: in function : in function `Use...
File: FaceShooter03-13-10
lua error line 1876
Posted By: EvilGrin
1x FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:1876: attempt to index field 'lastShot' (a nil value) FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:1948: in function `Scheduler' FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:1025: in function `ChangeFrameVisibility' FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:2412: in function `?' FaceShooter-0.9.4b2\FaceShooter.lua:...
File: Bang! Auto Ammo03-12-10
Update ?!?
Posted By: EvilGrin
Any chance to update... seems like it changes not proper anymore... if i use for trash - Terrorshaft Arrow and for the bosses - Iceblade Arrow, it sents the changeched ammo to the mouseanchor not to the bags again.. and i can only then delete the changeched ammo Edith: Figured now out ...if i switch from trash to the boss the ammo...
File: Altoholic12-27-09
Merry Xmas!
Posted By: EvilGrin
All the best in 2010 ...health, happiness, ideas, brainwaves and tons of donations ;-) Thank you for your incredible work and matchless support!!! greetz from germany :cool:
File: SilverDragon12-19-09
Up to Date version
Posted By: EvilGrin
check : Silver Dragon Addon on WowAce to find the recent up to date version of this addon.. Hope that helps ;-)
File: Altoholic12-10-09
Originally posted by Thaoky It's...
Posted By: EvilGrin
Originally posted by Thaoky It's sort of already in there, but I admit that I have to make it more explicit. Mails marked as "return" mails (hence mails that will be deleted) are indicated as such in the mail pane. If there's no indication, it will be returned. Hey Thaoky, like i suggested weeks ago for a Status of the Mail...
File: Altoholic11-30-09
Re: Fix for mail counter not showing in tooltip
Posted By: EvilGrin
Check out line 959 of Altoholic.lua... ... change from "ipairs" to "pairs" Edit2: Also change line 947 in Altoholic.lua from "ipairs" to "pairs" for an easy fix for now for the character totals. Thx for this small workaround... it takes effect as it should be :banana:
File: Altoholic11-26-09
Re: Re: tooltip
Posted By: EvilGrin
Originally posted by ahua Same issue is happening in 3.2.003b. Same happens on De/de client with the latest update. No adding of the mail content to the tooltip. Only bags and banks are counted.
File: Combuctor07-18-09
All Tab - Keyring
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Tuller first at all also a great thank you from me for this addon. i tried combuctor after using bagnon a long time now for the first time and i think i like it... but one thing so far bothers me :-) In case i use the keyring in genric not that often (and i think i speak here for the most players ) ... isn't it possible...
File: Altoholic07-18-09
cloumn add to the mail expiry window
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Thaoky another request of mine ^^ any chance to add a column to the mail expiry window where to see if the mail will be errased or sent back? Column name = Status... maybe with icons like errased = red cross and sent back = yellow arrow... or anything else!?! would be great if possible cheerz from germany
File: Advanced TradeSkill Window Levels (plugin)05-23-09
Error occurs
Posted By: EvilGrin
Error: Original call failed while running hooks: TradeSkillFrame_SetSelection 1 : ...illWindow_Levels\AdvancedTradeSkillWindow_Levels.lua line 34: Usage: GetItemInfo(itemID|"name"|"itemlink") Debug: (tail call): ? ...dOns\Blizzard_TradeSkillUI\Blizzard_TradeSkillUI.lua:32: GemHelper_OrigTradeSkillFrame_Show() GemHel...
File: Sifter05-21-09
Thx Starinnia
Posted By: EvilGrin
again thank you ....for a very handfull addon ...like MillHelp :banana:
File: MillHelp05-15-09
Hey Starinnia.. thx for this won...
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Starinnia.. thx for this wonderful little helper! I'd desire this for prospecting also... any chance to get this done? beside school of course ;-) greetz from Germany
File: Altoholic04-30-09
Alto & MobMap
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey Thaoky also from me a big thanxs for your incredible work on Altoholic... for me one of the best Addons ever for WOW besides MobMap! what leads me to my question: If i use Mobmap i can't see any amounts of stacks or pieces in the tooltip when i hoover over an ingredient for reciepes.. Is there any chance to get those two...
File: Buffzilla04-18-09
German Version
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hi there, on my Mage i found out that the button properly shows up but isn't clickable in german clients for the Armor spells. Maybe this happens due to Umlauts (ä, ö, ü e.g.) The german translation for Ice Armor is, for example, Eisrüstung and Magic Armor is Magische Eisrüstung. Arcane Brilliance and Arcane Intellect works btw...
File: GemHelper01-11-09
send GH window to other players
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hey there... first at all thx for that awesome tool... very handy indeed for all the JC's outta there.. what leads me to my question.. Is it possible in any way to post the gh ui to other (non JC) players, like gemlist did it once with chatmessages?!? So it would be nice if other players could sort by themself the gems, i can c...
File: EquipCompare05-31-08
Tooltip positions
Posted By: EvilGrin
Hi, first at all.. thx for this great add... ...is there any chance to get the EQP tooltip set, further, by Slashcomands or so, to the right of the Blizz tooltip... cuz on AH... tooltipps which are displayed to the left side, are always cutted by the gameborder! so i can't read any abilitis nor compare their stats... i als...