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File: Armory04-21-14
Why direct links to the downloads f...
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Why direct links to the downloads for related addons? Should change to the pages for the addons instead IMHO. Give people some information about what they are downloading.
File: Party Ability Bars02-16-09
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This would reduce two addons (and clean my UI significantly) if I could get it work work for myself along with the party members.
File: Whack02-10-09
Originally posted by Naitaeti The...
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Originally posted by Naitaeti The addon uses spell ids for determining what spell that should be used, and each spell rank has it's own spell id. And Rank 2 of Shield of Righteousness for instance is available first at lvl80. The same goes for other spells as well. maybe something akin to this would work local level = Unit...
File: Whack02-03-09
Why only 80? Why not 75+ At 75 is w...
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Why only 80? Why not 75+ At 75 is when a Prot Paladin has SoR and HotR assuming they are ?/51+/?
File: Cork10-02-08
Really great work, I like the new m...
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Really great work, I like the new mechanism. I get a popup in live when I press /click macro for the first time each session for the secure. Is it possible to add a 'click ok' bit of code in the /macro? Similar to the behavior like these? /script AcceptGroup(); /script AcceptQuest(); /script AcceptTrade(); /script RetrieveCo...
File: DoozyAllSpell08-17-08
Ha, this is damn handy. Good thinki...
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Ha, this is damn handy. Good thinking :banana:
File: MooseBuffs08-17-08
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Are the requirements for this addon having a version of perl installed? Its not clear from the description.
File: PassLoot04-29-08
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Seriously, Master Looter has its place. But this addon is just great for instances that have a steady influx of token loot or massive trash mobs. Been using these since ZG and its just perfect.
File: Manage & view my Addons03-19-08
awesome program, i wish ace updater...
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awesome program, i wish ace updater had some of this out of date and dependency information. your screen shot shows exactly why this is so useful.
File: Stance Indicator11-25-07
No Stance
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This doesn't seem to deal with no stance, which you can at odd times get yourself into especially with other addons.
File: Simple Soulstone10-03-07
Re: No Updates?
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Originally posted by ngollon Hi! You might be wondering, why there were no updates to Simple Soulstone for quite some time now. The reason ist: I do not use it and everybody I know who does reports neither bugs nor feature requests. So: If you want updates, please tell me what you want updated =) It tried it out and its a gr...
File: ReadySpells09-26-07
This is a great addon for my warrio...
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This is a great addon for my warrior I have gotten very accustom to it and its allowed me to get a very minimal interface. I have a problem related to your rationalization for writing this addon simply that I often forget to use my trinkets. While some addons such as sct/parrot will tell me when a trinket buff start (yeah i just c...
File: Group Calendar 402-20-07
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Many people in my guild started using this at v3.1, often they end up posting major amounts of raw data in general chat for some reason. While its quite amusing to people in the major cities sooner or later someone is going to get banned I assume. Especially if they login and during loading they step away from the keyboard. I dont...
File: HealingEstimator12-26-06
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Along with HOTS, if we could get a blessing of light icon that would be perfect. If thats not there its gotta be reapplied asap.