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File: TankMD Misdirect07-19-20
Just trying to get clarification th...
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Just trying to get clarification that when the addon is setup with hot keys (in this case ; and '), I should be able to have the Misdirect go to Tank1 with ; an Tank2 as '... And in Raid, they should be defined as Tanks, right?
File: Altoholic01-13-15
Re: 6.0.004
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Hi everyone, Version 6.0.004 has just been uploaded and is awaiting admin approval. A lot of fixes and cleanup in this version. Please check the following, as they were impacted by the options bug: many options were not correctly saved and thus some features were not showing as expected. - Tooltip counters for items in 2 gui...
File: TomTom06-19-09
Crazy Question...
Posted By: Priss2035
Here is a crazy question... Will this mod work within a Raid Instance? The reason I ask, is that in one group, we have this one person who raids with us, who has no idea where everything is. Go into Naxx, we do Noth, head to Heigan. What does she do? She goes back up the stairs, and sticks to the right, crashing into mobs we...
File: MikScrollingBattleText06-07-09
Custom Sounds Clarification...
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Sorry, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to set the custom sounds like the two SCT sounds I like for Low Health and Low Mana sounds. I saw your post on: http://forums.worldofwarcraft.com/thread.html?topicId=11228545607&sid=1 But creating the MSBTSounds.lua, I didn't see the custom sounds for me to call up, and the readme...
File: ItemRack10-21-08
Tab Text not Showing...
Posted By: Priss2035
I don't know if I am the only one to see this problem or not, but I noticed the tabs don't show any text as to what they are.
File: Livestock10-18-08
Snow Gryphon still shows up as Land Mount
Posted By: Priss2035
I also tried using the 'FAQ' link, but ended up getting the front page of Wow. Snowy Gryphon is still showing up as a land mount for most of my characters.
File: Getting Things Healed09-08-08
Re: Re: Error while in raid
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Originally posted by Dagma Never seen it myself, but I do have a theory about this error. I'll see if I can reliably create it. If so, I'll roll the fix into a patch. In the meantime, I hope you can live with it. Hey Dagma, this is Bell, I get that error too still so if you like, just contact me in game and we can see about...
File: EnchantingSeller03-12-07
Is there a Trade barker for this as...
Posted By: Priss2035
Is there a Trade barker for this as well? I know Enchantrix from the Auctioneer complete has one, but it seems the prices that one shouts out is lower than the prices listed in Enchantseller and it gets its prices from Auctioneer as well.