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File: CircleHUD05-04-11
Beautiful little HUD. Since they c...
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Beautiful little HUD. Since they can't seem to get a Metahud descendant updated without bloating it with a load of useless crap, something like this could really start to gain popularity with people (like me), who prefer to build their own UI out of a number of small elements, thus making the UI footprint smaller. Along with AuraFr...
File: LineemUP04-27-11
This addon doesn't work at all in 4...
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This addon doesn't work at all in 4.1. /leu x/y does nothing. :)
File: DHUD for 6.010-14-10
I hate the Player Health/Target Hea...
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I hate the Player Health/Target Health on the left, and manas on the right, never made sense. What is the alternate layout code to plug into this: = "DHUD_Standard_Layout" in the lua? Thanks! ~Iso Edit: Found it in the Options.lua, it's "DHUD_PlayerLeft_Layout".
File: Geist01-04-10
Originally posted by Cidrei Geist...
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Originally posted by Cidrei Geist's default buttons are based on what buttons the default UI uses. The default IDs used for druids and (especially) warriors are a compromise because of the default form and stance bars. You can change the IDs Geist uses, although I'll readily admit it's not the easiest thing to do with the commands....
File: Dominos05-07-09
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That must be what happened, although I can't for the life of me figure out how it happened, but it explains why I wasn't able to duplicate it later on. Good to know it wasn't a glitch. Thanks!
File: Dominos05-04-09
I have a weird one. While i have...
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I have a weird one. While i have all of Dominos' buttons working for me, there are two bars that sit side by side at the bottom of my screen, one of which is my stance bar, the other of which is just a bar for my macros and professions and miscellany. This is on my warrior, who is dual specced. I am prot specced. I set up my...
File: Bongos201-10-07
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I am liking the adaptability of this mod, but I have this problem, which took me a while to single out. I knew that something was causing the keybindings not to work, and found that if I opened my inventory with a hotkey, then changed a piece of equipment out by right-clicking it, then closed the inventory, the keybindings stopped w...