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File: InFlight Classic10-10-19
Re: Re: German Locale Support
Posted By: agentdroli
Your localisation code is very similar to how the old localisation code worked. However, I intend to make it save the times in english for all locales. Yes this makes much more sense, i just had not enough knowledge of the code to implement it everywhere So i am looking forward to some solution from you in the future :)
File: Titan Panel Classic [Recommended Zone]10-06-19
Found something to fix the errors...
Posted By: agentdroli
Found something to fix the errors In TitanClassicRecZone\Libs\LibTouristClassic-1.0\lib.xml there is an invalid path: must be Also fixed the other errors for me by removing some co...
File: InFlight Classic10-02-19
German Locale Support
Posted By: agentdroli
I am using this addon on german client, but found that the default flight times are only saved for english names. Do you have plans to add support for other locales too? I started changing the addon myself to support default times on german client, by using some localization mapping. I limited it to german locale, cause i on test...
File: BagSync07-22-18
Hey there i got the search of Bagsy...
Posted By: agentdroli
Hey there i got the search of Bagsync working again. I also used the fix from Adibags ;) Following changes are required in LibItemSearchGrid-1.0.lua: 1. Remove this taint warning on accessing equipment sets Add this code after --]-- local _G = _G local GetEquipmentSetInfo = _G.C_EquipmentSet.GetEquipmentSetInfo local GetNum...