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File: LayMacroTooltip09-24-09
Wow would never had noticed this ad...
Posted By: Meraxes
Wow would never had noticed this addon if it wasn't recently updated.. Love it! I am noticing one error, and I can duplicate it almost all the time (Though I was stupid and keep forgetting to capture the entire text). Basically I have a bunch of alts that I use for bank purposes, they run ZERO mods (all disabled). if I log o...
File: DoTimer09-22-09
One small bug
Posted By: Meraxes
I'm finally getting back into WoW again, and updated to the newest version of DoTimer.. the Configuration seems a bit confusing to me but I finally figured it out, but I have one question and a bug.. The question is that once I place the anchors and configure them, when I use the 'test' feature they show properly... but if I switc...
File: LockNotes05-23-08
Re: Wow !
Posted By: Meraxes
Originally posted by jfkaess The only thing I might think of for an additional feature would be to show when the procs from our voidheart or other tier arnors proc (shadowflame is t4) not sure of the name of the tier 5 4pc proc. Check out a mod called POWERAURAs, it's extremely customizable and you can set any sort of Graphi...
File: MoveAnything! (BC)11-17-07
Same here with the taint issues ;(...
Posted By: Meraxes
Same here with the taint issues ;( Just about all my mods that use 'frame' movement are being tainted... I hope the author fixes these and is still around. Meanwhile if anyone finds the cause.. please post.. looking into it myself but not holding out much luck.
File: moveFrames11-17-07
Hmm the current version of this doe...
Posted By: Meraxes
Hmm the current version of this does not work properly with Patch 2.3. It has some secure problems... Taken from a Taint.log 11/17 15:25:18.531 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from moveFrames - MultiBarRight:SetPoint() 11/17 15:25:18.531 Interface\FrameXML\UIParent.lua:2287 11/17 15:25:18.531 se...
File: DoTimer09-30-07
Also made sure the old stuff was re...
Posted By: Meraxes
Also made sure the old stuff was removed.. it was... And i can now confirm TWO bugs: 1) The Show my Target only bug (It isn't working) 2) Settings are not being saved/loaded properly. As others have mentioned you have to resetup your options again at each login, however for me, so far I've only noticed it with the "Cooldowns" mo...
File: DoTimer09-29-07
Not sure where to post this
Posted By: Meraxes
Wasn't sure if this or Curse is the better place, so please ignore the cross-posting... Having a small problem with the targeting functions. Installed the new version from scratch, the seperated version, have them all enabled.. but for some reason the option to only show debuffs on my Target, is not working. If I target some...
File: CTMod08-30-07
CT-RaidTracker ... did it die?
Posted By: Meraxes
I used to have a mod installed called CT_RaidTracker.. I stoped using it due to no raiding much but now find myself looking for it again and noticed it isn't available on CT's site... Did it die for good, or was it's features repackaged under the CTRaid mod or elsewhere?
File: Bongos208-09-07
Originally posted by Tuller Bongo...
Posted By: Meraxes
Originally posted by Tuller Bongos does not currently save button placement or keybinding information. I'm currently thinking about writing it, but it'll be in 1.8 at the earliest. There is a great mod already that does this beautifully.. called "Simple Action Sets"... Not sure if you've seen this yet, but something for a work...
File: Bongos205-29-07
Stance switching lag?
Posted By: Meraxes
I've not tested exactly what causes this yet, so it may or may not be a Bongos problem, but wondered if anyone else has noticed this. I just finally got around to resetting my warrior bars again and notice that now when I switch stances via Shift# (Bound to the class bar stance icons), that there is a small half-second or so freez...
File: Bongos205-25-07
Re: Paging broken or?
Posted By: Meraxes
Originally posted by Unbraced I play a shaman and use the original bongos as of right now because i can not get paging to work in bongos2 like it did before. I use 6 bars total and skip no bars in the original. 3 bars are visible (1, 2 and 3), I use the mouse wheel and shift+# (1 thru 6) to scroll bars. Anyone know how to ge...
File: Bongos205-24-07
Paging issue...
Posted By: Meraxes
How do you set the paging?? I have the menu.. set up bar 1 to switch to page 7 , but where's the key binding to do this? Tried the standard paging keybindings and that doesn't seem to move the offset at all, it only goes from ActionBar 1-6.. I want the old Bongos back! Wahhhhh ... oh well probably won't be long in wow anymore wit...
File: ShardAce03-31-07
Suggestion - Hide Icons
Posted By: Meraxes
One suggestion.. I've been using Discord Frame Modifier, and now MoveAnything (though having problems with this one) to hide some of the spell icons from the expandable window. Because I use macros for some of my functions like Banish, Enslave etc... I don't want to see them in the Popup menu. For a future option, perhaps th...
File: Cartographer03-29-07
Question on Note sharing
Posted By: Meraxes
I found a mod on the wowace download page (http://www.wowace.com/files/), called "Cartographer_NoteShare". I'm trying to figure out if that addon is needed or not to share notes. It keeps giving me a tablet error, however it does seem to be working... I tried to disable it and found that there is SOME note sharing options in C...
File: Simple Action Sets03-29-07
Noticed no updates and the version...
Posted By: Meraxes
Noticed no updates and the version still says "Beta", is this still being developed, or is there another page somewhere I"m not seeing with a 'full' version?
File: PerfectRaid03-10-07
Grr Sound code does not work..
Posted By: Meraxes
Opps Sorry all, my little fix below doesn't seem to work as I intended. Instead of sounding off when "I" receive agro, it sounds off whenever the agro changes target at all. Quite annoying hehe.
File: PerfectRaid03-08-07
Agro Alert sound and message?
Posted By: Meraxes
One of the things I LOVED about the old CTraid was the sound that would play whenever you drew agro off the main tank. I found the code within the PerfectRaid_Agro.lua file, and have been able to get it to play a sound upon drawing agro. (Added the PlaySoundFile Line) function Aggro.OnUpdate() ...snippet -- Use this when a...
File: Cartographer02-10-07
Originally posted by Toran There'...
Posted By: Meraxes
Originally posted by Toran There's Cartographer_Import - but no instructions on how to use it and I think it is only for gatherer stuff, not notes. :( Anyone know how to import notes from MetaMap? Also, with latest version from wowace, I'm getting a cartographer_waypoint error when opening the map. Sticking with MetaMap until Wa...
File: ItemBonusesFu01-21-07
Per character setting?
Posted By: Meraxes
Is there some per-character setting I'm just not seeing? It seems if I change it to show caster type bonuses on one character, all my characters on that server share the same setup... extremely annoying since I have a caster and warrior that both use this yet need totally different stats. Is this an option I'm just not seeing?
File: Clique01-14-07
Perhaps this was answered soemwhere...
Posted By: Meraxes
Perhaps this was answered soemwhere in the 29 pages of threads ;) but since I didn't see it in the root description.. Will this work with non-Blizzard standard unitframes? Obviously it will work with your own Watchdog unitframes, but is it known to work with Discord and/or other unitframe systems? I'll probably test it out anyw...
File: BigWigs Bossmods01-13-07
Strange error
Posted By: Meraxes
Getting a strange error when clicking on the Fubar Text for the first time: Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\BigWigs_Extras\CustomBar.lua line 11: AceLocale(BigWigsCustomBar): Cannot provide the same locale more than once. "enUS" provided twice. Debug: : ? : error() ...erface\AddOns\AutoBar\l...
File: Bongos201-13-07
Re: Re: This bongos, last bongos
Posted By: Meraxes
Originally posted by VincentSDSH Try reading through the thread a bit, he's already explained the issue with docking at length I know your trying to be helpful but post a reply just saying "Read More" isnt' helpful. To the original poster... I think you can duplicate the docking function via the stances.. I'm trying it now...
File: SCT - Damage01-10-07
Posted By: Meraxes
Hmm suddenly i can no longer configure this independently from SCT. I used to like having the damage in a smaller font off to the left... but no matter what X/Y I use it does not seem to move from the position of the main SCT frame. Still trying to make sure it's not a conflict somewhere, but I don't believe it was like this in...
File: ClassColors12-27-06
Mods such as??
Posted By: Meraxes
If I'm reading this correctly, this mod by itself doesn't do anything on it's own correct? Do you have any sort of list of mods that use the RaidClass element you mentioned? Hopefully I'll see !Chatbox listed on there as it used to color names in chat based on class but that seems to have been broken in 2.0 :( oh well was hoping...
File: SimpleCombatLog12-24-06
Conflict with Bongos?
Posted By: Meraxes
Having a weird problem with Simple Combat Log and Bongos together.. Whenver I mouse over my combat log and use the Scroll Wheel to try to move my log up to see what might be off my visible window, instead of moving the log, it actually cycles through the Action Bars in Bongo. I've looked for the keybindings and there doesn't se...