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File: bdNameplates10-13-17
Re: HELP!!!!
Posted By: Blooblahguy
How to disable THIS ADDON?? I remove any folders, files and i have no blizz uframes If you disabled it, then its disabled. You have a different issue entirely.
File: bdMinimap10-13-17
Re: Mini map No longer a rectangle
Posted By: Blooblahguy
So today I had to do a scan and repair as I was getting fatal errors that would crash wow. After doing so I log in and the mini map is a circle, the outline of the rectangle is there but I have a giant circle for a mini map. If I go into config and adjust the size or unlock and move it the rectangular map will pop into place but as...
File: bdUnitframes06-21-17
Focus Frame is no where to be found...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Focus Frame is no where to be found. Tried reloading serveral times, messing with the size to maybe make it appear, and changed UI scale with no luck. Any help is appreciated It should be at the top of the screen, anything there? I'll look into it more tonight
File: bdCore03-09-17
Would you be interested in these sk...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Would you be interested in these skinning updates? Let me know. I admire your work. :D https://i.imgur.com/jrKslcZ.jpg https://i.imgur.com/jrKslcZ.jpg Look great! PM me the code if you'd like, I'll add it in.
File: bdNameplates03-01-17
Can we get some Tanking Threat Colo...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Can we get some Tanking Threat Colors? So tanks can see when they lose agro on mobs? This has been a part of the addon since release. I added color options for this in the newest update
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-23-17
Hi Blooblahguy! An update for th...
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Hi Blooblahguy! An update for the Italian localization: 1.99 fixed relics with our clients 2.0 fixed item levels but broke relics again Should all be fixed now, thanks for keeping me updated on this. The localization has been tricky
File: bdMinimap02-18-17
Hi, i have a problem with minimap,...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Hi, i have a problem with minimap, just check my image: http://i.imgur.com/jvfomZb.jpg If i change any option of bdminimap (size or buttons) it fix the map, then if i relog ou reload it broken map minimap again, how can i fix it? Thanks Pretty sure you have a other minimal addon on, or something that alters the minimap....
File: bdMinimap02-17-17
Thanks for update! Last request....
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Thanks for update! Last request... Can you disable clamp to screen? I like the rectangle view, but it has a large gap on top of minimap. Square view goes right to edge of screen though. Thanks! BTW, I've changed all my addons to yours. Love 'em! Unfortunately this is just a limitation of the blizzard UI (as far as...
File: bdChat02-17-17
Mot sure if this is the addon or I'...
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Mot sure if this is the addon or I'm going loopy, but I've never seen it before lol http://i67.tinypic.com/1zlvoyo.jpg Random toon names popping up with a - or + beside them :p This indicates a player coming online or going offline
File: bdCore02-17-17
That fixed it, thank you :) Than...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
That fixed it, thank you :) Thanks for the bug report. For some reason I wasn't getting that error, even though I'm running the same version.
File: bdBuffs02-14-17
Most recent update adds options for...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Most recent update adds options for spacing, size, and growth directions!
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-11-17
Re: personal loot trade/voting?
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Is this only viable if raid is on Master Looter, or can someone link a tradeable item to an officer to then be linked for others interest / voting? If the raid leader type /bdlc start it'll start a session for that item. You can shift click the item to put its link in the chat.
File: bdMinimap02-09-17
Is there a way to hide the BD butto...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Is there a way to hide the BD button? Added an option in the most recent update to do that
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-08-17
Hey Blooblahguy, seems that Relic...
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Hey Blooblahguy, seems that Relics are still not showing with Italian client. I can't test it personally yet, but a guildamate tried it and when an Arcane and a Frost Artifact Relics dropped, simply didn't showed up on the loot window (tier now work fine); He didn't tell me if a lua error occurred when the relics dropped from the b...
File: bdMinimap02-05-17
Re: cant open config window
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Just updated the minimap but now my configuration window wont open when i type /bd config or when i click the new minimap button for it . I made sure all parts of your addon's are up to date. the only thing working for me is /bd unlock or /bd lock. Could you type /console scriptErrors 1 and then /reload and let me know what Lua er...
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-04-17
Thank you guys so much for the loca...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Thank you guys so much for the localization help and the troubleshooting. Newest version fixes the typo and adds localization so far
File: Big Dumb Loot Council02-02-17
Re: Italian WoW client localization
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Hi, me and some friends are using your addon along with our guildmates, but the ones with Italian wow client can't see tier tokens and artifact relic on the loot window. Checking curseforge I find that can change tier token with localizated name in "init.lua". bdlc.tier_names = { = true, = true, = true, = true, = tru...
File: bdNameplates01-31-17
I've tested the new version and got...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
I've tested the new version and got error and no more bars are shown. 3x AddOn 'bdNameplates' tried to call the protected function 'SetCVar()'. !BugGrabber\BugGrabber.lua:573: in function :: in function 'SetCVar' bdNameplates\core.lua:164: in function bdNameplates\c...
File: Big Dumb Loot Council01-22-17
Re: Not showing for everyting
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Upon looting the boss not everyone is seeing the loot available and/or it's not showing everyone in the LC window what they wanted. Making it hard to figure out what people need when its not actually showing everything people want. This is a new issue with 7.1.5, something with blizzard's item queue database. Will try and have a f...
File: Big Dumb Loot Council10-30-16
Can you See Relics and Relic Itemle...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Can you See Relics and Relic Itemlevel with this AddOn? I'm looking for a new AddOn for our Guild with this feature. Yes, though I've heard some reports that occasionally some classes won't have an artifact comparison appear for the loot council. I'm not able to replicate this, so if anyone sees it please let me know what class/item.
File: bdCore10-21-16
hab das addon ma geladen bei mir......
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hab das addon ma geladen bei mir... aber es schmeisst immer noch fehler in der lua anzeige? kann es sein das es sich mit anderen addons beist? lg My german is pretty bad. (Can you copy/paste the lua error that you are getting?) Kann sie den kopieren / paste der lua fehler den sie bist bekommen?
File: bdMinimap10-19-16
Hey i got a problem , the Dungeon F...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Hey i got a problem , the Dungeon Finder button is not appearing on the minimap , anyway to fix that ? Huh should be in the upper right, my best guess is that you have another addon moving it. I'd double check that.
File: bdUnitframes10-09-16
Hey Blooblahguy. Have you seen this...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Hey Blooblahguy. Have you seen this already? www.wowinterface.com/forums/showthread.php?p=319645 We can spawn nameplates with oUF. No more need for a seperate unit framework just for nameplates. Oohh I hadn't, this is freaking awesome. Going to start converting my nameplates to oUF since it's not an uphill battle with blizzard's...
File: bdNameplates10-09-16
Re: about bdnameplates
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Hey,first of all thanks for addin this addon, the minimal style of it is what ive been looking for so long (this goes to the whole bd series),but i would like to know is there a way to configure the nameplates(like change sizes fonts etc) ? Coming in the next update! Blizzard is making resizing them a lot less painful in 7.1, so i...
File: bdNameplates10-09-16
Sry, isnt working. :( Make sure...
Posted By: Blooblahguy
Sry, isnt working. :( Make sure you have bdCore installed. It works