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File: CensusPlusClassic09-25-19
Re: SendWho() failed?
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Is anyone getting the below error for CPC? "Message: Warning: AddOn CensusPlusClassic attempted to call a protected function (SendWho()) which may require interaction." Blizzard intentionally broke using the Who feature from addons. Whether the intent or not, it has broken the addon. And only for Classic, not Retail as far as...
File: DockingStation (Display)08-30-17
I hope this addon isn't abandoned b...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I hope this addon isn't abandoned because I've been using it for years. Since 7.3.0, the tab that allows you to change which plugin you are working with won't allow you to select any but the top. Blizzard changed PlaySound with 7.3. Easiest fix is to comment out the two PlaySound lines in DockingStation_Config\SideBar.lua. Lin...
File: tullaCC05-27-17
Is it possible to desaturate the ic...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Is it possible to desaturate the icons when they're unusable (on cd, out of mana and out of range)? And if so, how would I go about doing that? Thank you! That functionality, at least in a different form is offered by another addon by the same author, TullaRange. Might offer the basis for what you want, or you could make thos...
File: Backpack10-25-16
If bags contain a lot then they can...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
If bags contain a lot then they can stack higher than the quantity you can fit on screen. Is it possible to increase the width, and/or have the bags stack in a second column.
File: Backpack10-24-16
Re: Re: Default Action Bar Overlapping
Posted By: ComputerNerd
The default Right 2 Action Bar overlaps the side, and therefore the buttons on the side of this addon. You can move the bags, or use an actionbar addon to move the bars. Attempting to drag the topmost bag didn't work, hence my comment. But didn't realise I just had to drag the bottom one, missing something obvious. Thank you.
File: Backpack10-24-16
Default Action Bar Overlapping
Posted By: ComputerNerd
The default Right 2 Action Bar overlaps the side, and therefore the buttons on the side of this addon.
File: NO Thank You!04-20-15
Better things to do than make 10g a...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Better things to do than make 10g a pop 50 times an hour? Ok, to each his own. Have a banana :banana: For some it is not about the gold. From having mained a warlock for years, I have a different view of people wanting easy travel. On my mage I am not readily responding to portal requests. You should never whisper a random p...
File: rTargetPointer02-05-15
Saw an arrow trail in NPA2 recently...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Saw an arrow trail in NPA2 recently, and thought that was a cool idea. This is a rather more subtle, and in my opinion practical version. Nice idea.
File: Capping01-28-15
Have long since switched to Big/Lit...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Have long since switched to Big/LittleWigs for my Raid /Dungeon needs, and only kept hold of DBM so far for the PvP mods. Nice to see this project being resurrected. Thank you.
File: IronMicroExperience01-15-15
Mismatch in folder name.
Posted By: ComputerNerd
The Zip file has a hyphen at the end of the name, and therefore if you extract it into a folder using that name it will differ from the name of the ToC. That will cause the game client to not load the addon. I was having that issue, and it look me quite a long time to figure out that I had to remove the hyphen from the end of the...
File: Satrina Buff Frames 301-14-15
How come 160 ppl download an AddOn...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
How come 160 ppl download an AddOn that is outdated since 4.0 at one Day? WTF is going on here? Private Servers working on an old expansion maybe. If there was one launched or updated then they may be pointed to otherwise outdated addons.
File: Raid icons10-26-14
Thank you for that. Still annoyi...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Thank you for that. Still annoying that some of them are pulled directly from some other source, and can't be replaced via the officially supported means. Works above target heads until you are out of nameplate range, when it reverts back to the original graphic still with just the name above them. Same with anything without a...
File: Raid icons10-25-14
Re: Mwah haha
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I've done it. I have the raid icons working on both people and on placeable markers! Any chance you could enlighten us as to how you achieved that. I for one would appreciate it.
File: MayronUI Gen604-01-14
Re: Anoying sound
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Hi , first of all thanks for that package , it's amazing ! Bt=ut i had a little trouble , an addon spam me an annoying chimpunk sound ' Fatality ' , how can I fix that ? ( Sorry for my bad english :D ) That would be BugSack. Means an addon is throwing an error, just the message is being suppressed. Esc - Interface - Addons -...
File: Cycle Arena03-31-14
Re: Battlegrounds
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Hi ! There is a way to work on BGs ? Thanks No. It would only work for a group of UnitID's with an incremental number. Party, Raid, Arena (opponents), and Boss as far as I am aware. There are no such ID's for battleground opponents, as shown by the lack of any default unitframes for more than the usual target/focus etc. Th...
File: Munku UI 1.4 updated for 5.403-30-14
Re: Re: Re: This is a stolen UI
Posted By: ComputerNerd
This ui is completely stolen from http://sparkuggz.com/ui/ if you're gonna upload someone else work at least give them credit. Than its a very bad thievery, for me both UIs looks like standard blizzard UI with some addons and their default options :D How woud anyone want to steal it? Doesn't matter it's still spark UI and this...
File: rChat11-22-13
This is the perfect chat box addon....
Posted By: ComputerNerd
This is the perfect chat box addon. Only question, nothing too important, is if the bold text outline can be removed. Thanks for all of your addon work! It could be by manual editing of the code. I am perhaps planning on setting a different font in a similar way. Would be nice to have some of those choices accessible from...
File: Exalted with the Floor11-12-13
What about reputation with the Elev...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
What about reputation with the Elevator Boss ? Or perhaps specific world or dungeon/raid mechanics. The potential list is huge, perhaps too much.
File: Tidy Plates09-06-13
ok thx , and one question . How com...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
ok thx , and one question . How come sometimes when using tidy plates and threat plates the bar randomly disappears on a mob like rare spawns on isle of thunder . I see the rare spawn and the bar , i place my dots and everything is going well . but as soon as everyone else attacks the frame disappears . not that big of a deal just wo...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]07-25-13
Re: Error message
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Heya :) first off all thnx for posting such a nice addon. Really gave me the look i was looking for. Been a long time user of it. In patch 5.2 i had no problems with it. But i quitted playing for 6months and now i came back in 5.3 i m getting an error message each time i enter combat. The pack is updated,maybe something went wrong t...
File: Broker Played Time07-10-13
If that's supposed to be a bug repo...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
If that's supposed to be a bug report or feature request, you're going to have to be more specific... I am not so sure about that being an issue with the addon, but more concern over what it is actually showing. Perhaps the amount of time played is rather worrying when you see it added up.
File: KuiNameplates07-07-13
Could there be an option to indicat...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
Could there be an option to indicate when health falls below a certain percentage threshold, such as for an execute ability like Shadowburn ? I am using tidyplates at present for that, where I can colour the healthbar (or set another indicator) a different colour when at 20% health or below.
File: cargBags Nivaya06-17-13
I fixed the "UNKNOWN()" and "UseCon...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I fixed the "UNKNOWN()" and "UseContainerItem()" taint bug. Nib, take a look at your PM box ;) Out of curiosity what is the cause of that "UNKNOWN()" bug, since my discovery of this addon was prompted by looking for alternatives with that error regularly appearing in Adibags.
File: Raid icons06-01-13
I hate that I've had to use "illega...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I hate that I've had to use "illegal" means to make these work on everything. Such silly things just to have awesome raid icons, oh well! You basically have to used edited wow exe files and a custom mpq file for them to work -everywhere- Actually no, you can just use a blp format image in a location mirroring the path that it o...
File: Molinari05-26-13
I have recently been trying out Car...
Posted By: ComputerNerd
I have recently been trying out CargBags Nivaya (Mop Update) and it has a feature to assign items to a custom category from an alt-right click menu. However both this addon and xanMortarPestle (tried both separately) seem to block the alt-right click menu even though your addon should only respond on alt-left click.