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File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-03-20
Map Icon and Location Title Bar Disappear
Posted By: datgrl
I've been using SUF for a while and I love it. However, I've encountered a problem with the map icon that displays the zones when you click it and the title bar that displays your current location. When SUF is enabled, those 2 things disappear from my UI. It happens on every character I play. I've disabled all addons and re-enable...
File: Shadowed Unit Frames10-03-20
Re: Re: Annoying frame
Posted By: datgrl
Hello , love this addon but ever since I got it this tiny bar pops up in the middle of my screen everytime I go into combat, is there anyone who knows how to disable it ? I have checked what I feel to be every option of this and my other addons aswell. Appreciate the help, Thanks! https://ibb.co/xmyC9Rb This may be one of your...
File: Raven08-17-20
Personal Resource timers
Posted By: datgrl
Hello - I've been using this addon for several years and love it. I was wondering if there is a way to put the timers from the Personal Resource Display into Raven. The functionality might already be there already and I just don't how to implement it. If it isn't there already, I'd love to have this ability show up on my Raven icon...
File: Details! Damage Meter Classic09-24-19
Dumb Question - what do the numbers mean?
Posted By: datgrl
I use Details to measure DPS. Sometimes there are 2 columns with numbers. Sometimes one column has green and another color - red or orange. Could you provide an explanation on the addon page of what the numbers displayed stand for? There doesn't seem to be hover text for them.
File: LightHeaded08-21-18
Download won't complete, just starts over
Posted By: datgrl
I downloaded a couple of other addons today when I got the notice they were updated. When I tried to download LightHeaded Version: v80000-1.1.0 from the WowInterface link, it never completed. I went ahead and opened a new window and went to my Favorites just to see if it made a difference. I saw the same behavior. Download starts...
File: LightHeaded07-19-18
Re: BFA Quick Fix!
Posted By: datgrl
I was able to use Word Pad (Notepad messed up the formatting of the file) and LH is working perfectly. Thanks so much for the help! Quick BFA Fix...In LightHeaded.lua just change lines. 1100 button1 = TEXT(OKAY) to 1100 button1 = C_OKAY 1411 button1 = TEXT(OKAY) to 1411 button1 = C_OKAY can download h...
File: LightHeaded07-18-18
I'm not able to load Lightheaded af...
Posted By: datgrl
I'm not able to load Lightheaded after the BFA patch on Tuesday. It is enabled in the main Addons menu. The slash commands don't bring it up, either. I get the standard /help error from Blizzard. I accepted 'load out of date addons' the first time I logged in after the patch. I really depend on Lightheaded and I've been since...
File: rButtonTemplate07-18-18
Where does this template and the su...
Posted By: datgrl
Where does this template and the subsequent themes get installed?
File: PitBull Unit Frames 4.007-18-18
I just found this addon. I know it...
Posted By: datgrl
I just found this addon. I know it's been around a while. I've been using SUF and when I couldn't get it to work this morning, I decided to try Pitbull. I love the sleek look and the configuration is super easy. The guide is clearly written and easy to understand. Thank you so much for your work!
File: Garrison Mission Manager07-17-18
Love this addon. Love having it on WowInterface
Posted By: datgrl
I've relied on this since it was developed and it's great. I hope to see it continue to be supported here as opposed to CurseForge.
File: ArkInventory04-07-18
Help with Configuring Rows & Columns
Posted By: datgrl
I read through the FAQ and the Wiki. It's way more info than I'm looking for. All I want to do is set up my GB on a 10x10 grid for every tab. 10 rows by 10 columns. The default has every single item on a tab in 'bar 1'. I don't care about auto sorting anything or making labels. Is there a simple way to do this?
File: GTFO01-27-18
Re: Re: Getting File Not Found
Posted By: datgrl
Wowinterface notified me there is a new version. It shows up in my favorites but the download link returns 'file not found'. Thanks for letting me know. I re-uploaded it so hopefully it will appear for download shortly. I picked it up this a.m. Thanks :)
File: GTFO01-26-18
Getting File Not Found
Posted By: datgrl
Wowinterface notified me there is a new version. It shows up in my favorites but the download link returns 'file not found'.
File: Shadowed Unit Frames12-10-16
Having an issue with Raid Frames
Posted By: datgrl
I have used SUF for a while and just started raiding again. I turned off the Blizzard raid frames and started using SUF. It looks like the group frames are overlapping. Like the last player in one group overlaps the first player in the next group in the layout. I've tried unlocking the frames and trying to move them but unlocking...
File: ArkInventory09-04-16
Arkinventory Search
Posted By: datgrl
Hello! I've used Arkinventory since I first learned of it back in MoP. I love how it displays the items in my bags and the all the functionality. Recently, though, I've had to disable a lot of the functionality. When I enable all the features, I'm seeing a lot of lag and cpu usage. The search doesn't return the results like it us...
File: Raven08-14-16
Thank you for getting back to me....
Posted By: datgrl
Thank you for getting back to me. I was able to get Barrage to show up in my list, typing #120360 into the Spell Name box under the Spells tab. It also shows up in my 'Hunter' list as #120360. I went to add Aspect of the Cheetah and got the 'warning "[Aspect of the Cheetah" is not a valid spell name error. I was on the Spells ta...
File: Raven08-14-16
Barrage not a valid spell
Posted By: datgrl
I've tried adding this and can't seem to get it to work. I might be doing something wrong but your instructions are pretty clear :) I used the spell number from wowhead, and got the error "not a valid spell". I really love using Raven. It helps me tremendously.
File: Garrison Mission Manager07-30-16
I can't seem to get this to load....
Posted By: datgrl
I can't seem to get this to load. It doesn't show up under the Interface > Addon menu. I have it enabled in the login Addons area. I'm not seeing errors when I login to the game so I don't have anything to post. I keep deleting it from my folder, and reinstalling. I also redownloaded it, thinking it might have been corrupted duri...
File: Chinchilla Minimap07-25-16
Dots, mobs and npc's
Posted By: datgrl
Hi there - I have used your addon for ages. However, with the lastest patch (7/17/16), the mobs show up as a green exclamation and they are really oversized. I thought there was a way to resize the dots, etc. but I can't seem to find it. I have a screenshot but I'm not sure how to post it here.
File: CombustionHelper02-24-14
Can't move the combustion bar
Posted By: datgrl
Like the previous posters, it appears in the middle of my screen. I see the lock/unlock appear in the chat dialog but I can't seem to get it to move. I've tried using modifier keys like crtl/alt/shift and none of them work. I downloaded the beta version and it didn't make any difference.
File: MoveAnything05-06-13
Which options represent the action...
Posted By: datgrl
Which options represent the action bars that are presented at the Darkmoon Faire? Right now, they're appearing in a location that totally blocks my view of what it is I'm trying to accomplish inside the tents. I experimented a bit but wasn't able to find the right options to move them out of the way. Thanks in advance for your help.
File: Kharthus's Hunter Timers12-25-12
Hi-I just started using this after...
Posted By: datgrl
Hi-I just started using this after looking at a couple of other addons. I really like how this works but it doesn't seem to use the new talent system. I was looking for something that would show the timers on my glaive toss, stampede, dire beast, etc. I saw this note: Future Timers * None planned . Is that accurate? Thanks
File: Pet Theory12-02-12
I had a problem today after logging...
Posted By: datgrl
I had a problem today after logging in. My pet journal would not display. Pet Theory seemed to be the problem. As soon as I disabled this addon, the journal worked perfectly.
File: Masque: Demigod Pack09-20-12
ah make sure you are taking buttonf...
Posted By: datgrl
ah make sure you are taking buttonfacade_round and buttonfacade_square out of the main demigod skin folder. The interface is from my new interface Demigod UI. You can find it on the wowinterface(here). the unit frames are Stuf Unit frames. Which you can find here as well :) I'm having some trouble finding your Demigod UI. It's...
File: Bartender409-03-12
Blizzard Vehicle UI issue - Darkmoon Faire
Posted By: datgrl
With the Darkmoon Faire, there have been some issues with the patch itself but I am also seeing issues with my action bars. I always keep bar 1 reserved for the vehicle buttons. I never assign any functions to them and I disable the Blizzard Vehicle ui in my settings. Normally, this is fine. The vehicle buttons show up on their...