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File: GearFit05-13-13
Well, here's the first suggestion I...
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Well, here's the first suggestion I can think of: Rather than displaying the report on two lines, display it on one. After all, you only need to see the report on the current gear you have just so that you can subtract it and see how much better (or not) the new piece is. Why not do that automatically? GearFit: 23 (+2) Suit...
File: MyStatsChat10-21-10
I created an error when I bundled i...
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I created an error when I bundled it for wowinterface. It is now fixed in version 1.1, it should now function as advertised. Sorry for any inconvenience this caused.
File: Whereabouts10-19-10
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Created an error in the archive. It should extract whereabouts folder not whereabouts-0.1 fixed archive I noticed that most of this code is very similar to the example from the Book hacking World of Warcraft. I got my exemplar code from blizzard and the lua website and tutorials when this was first written. Feel free...