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File: Hekili04-27-20
04-27-2020 Update
Posted By: akumi
Anyone else getting crazy errors when using Unholy DK? When I enter combat it goes so fast it gets turned off by client. Tried reinstalling and resetting profile. I landed up going back to the previous release build... not sure if its me or not though. Love the addon. Thank you to all who contribute to it.
File: Glance Information Bar05-07-11
Love the addon. Just wish it had...
Posted By: akumi
Love the addon. Just wish it had a mail indicator :P
File: oUF_Drk03-07-11
Posted By: akumi
Hey. As always great layout. Downloaded the 2.02b update today, and found that in the upper right hand corner I have buffs/debuffs with or w/o the "hide default buffs" portion of cfg set. Any idea why if I put true or false there I still have buffs?
File: oUF_Slim03-03-11
Focus bar
Posted By: akumi
Hi! I just discovered this layout and it seems awesome but I do /focus and nothing shows up and tried the shift+left click...i don't know what im doing wrong and can't find the focus frame :/
File: oUF_Drk10-08-10
Originally posted by Maybeso Real...
Posted By: akumi
Originally posted by Maybeso Really like this one, nice and clear, good size (1920 x 1080 native res) and nice to use. One question i have is how would I make the raid frames stack from the top down ?, I usually keep the party frame at the top left and come down from there. All the best Nosha I do this too ^_^ Ouf Move Fr...
File: AI-Chat10-08-10
Re: Re: Confused
Posted By: akumi
Originally posted by Quokka Give me some time and I will look into this. Right now I'm busy to get some thing done for the upcomming patch. But I'll take a look once this is done Aww thank you. :banana: Take your time I know your busy with so many things ><
File: AI-Chat10-07-10
Posted By: akumi
Love this addon and love the update. I use cellular and for some reason when I hit 'r' to apply when using AI-chat It wont open up the chat box to let me type like other mods. Is that a problem on cellular's end or this one >< Sorry to ask but you seem to know alot more about the coding. I just want to use the two together a...
File: oUF_Drk10-02-10
Very nice!!! As everyone has sai...
Posted By: akumi
Very nice!!! As everyone has said sizing, and focus target would be lovely. I have noticed though when my death runes activate on my DK they don't go away...or return to red they stay purple :/
File: AI-Chat07-24-10
addons to the addon
Posted By: akumi
I love the look and simplicity of this mod. However, I noticed if I run it in conjunction with say Cellular or Wim, when I hit the R key to reply nothing happens. I love this mod but I use cellular and really don't like having to manually type out the response target or click the window to do so. Is there any way to fix this??
File: mLootRoll07-21-10
Originally posted by hairy_palms...
Posted By: akumi
Originally posted by hairy_palms oops I forgot to include the movement code in the latest update, fixed now :o Much appreciated I like it between my frames :)
File: mLootRoll07-20-10
Love the simplicity and style of th...
Posted By: akumi
Love the simplicity and style of this addon but the latest version /mlr the move command on the front when I hit enter it wont accept it or even register the usual "not a command" it just sits in the box any idea?
File: bdMinimap07-10-10
I love this map. The most recent...
Posted By: akumi
I love this map. The most recent update, I noticed If I have the addon on, and I have lets say the Character Frame open, It will not allow me to open the AH up to or any other windows, Its like the game forgot how to move the 1 window over for the other one. P.S. I use all original settings, Upper Right etc.
File: oUF Lumen06-09-10
Posted By: akumi
Hi! This is an incredible and compact layout. I've been using cael's ever since it released but have always found it to be a bit big overall. That is one of the reasons I love this layout so much. I was wondering though if there was any plan to allow the cast bars to be moved/turned off, and if it would be possible to add a fea...
File: ArtPad03-04-10
any chance of this getting 3.3 upda...
Posted By: akumi
any chance of this getting 3.3 updated?