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File: GnomishVendorShrinker (Classic)10-06-19
See my post directly below yours, i...
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See my post directly below yours, it shows how to fix this error. Hello, got the following error today, I believe when I was buying a white kitten from Lil Timmy in Stormwind. 33x ...cegnomishvendorshrinker\frames\RowShader.lua:16: attempt to index global 'C_ToyBox' (a nil value) ...cegnomishvendorshrinker\frames\RowShader.lua:16...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker (Classic)09-26-19
This addon throws errors on MOUNT v...
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This addon throws errors on MOUNT vendors, because it's trying to look for them in the TOYBOX, which didn't exist in Vanilla, and doesn't exist in Classic. If you comment out the line by adding -- in front of it, it no longer errors out. This is in the frames\RowShader.lua file, by the way. local function Knowable(link) local id = n...
File: Classic Quest Log for Classic09-02-19
Re: Re: Info
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I'm seeing this same issue as well, and it's not tied to the Instant Quest Text setting. I can get it to show by swapping between the Dark and Normal background, but otherwise, only the first quest I look at in the log is full visible. I found 2 bugs: - Often the quest text looks like this https://imgur.com/a/By3n8Wb and i cannot...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]04-06-14
Re: Re: Re: Error message
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That message typically associated with Ace3 addons is often incorrectly attributing any Ace3 addon as being the cause. If you disabled that addon it would simply happen again with another one, and then another one named. Some say the fault is with Blizzard, some say it is with Ace3. It is not a MiirGui problem. Regardless it is st...
File: TradeSkillInfo04-06-14
Remove character from the addon's memory
Posted By: Taryble
I have a nasty habit of transferring, renaming, and deleting characters from my account. Sadly, TSI keeps these old characters in it's database - on one realm, I had 7 different LW's showing up (I had 1 - who'd been renamed at one point and race-changed at another, and 4 deleted toons). Would it be possible to add a method to remo...
File: Quelevel08-25-13
Need a hand with a minor edit
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Quelevel works excellently with the base UI. However, I'm using a modification that changes the background color of the Gossip screen to a dark grey. This makes the text difficult to read. How would I go about changing the color of the quest names on the gossip screen - that is, where in the following would I put in my color for...
File: MiirGui Texture Pack [Blue]09-11-11
These are lovely, Neza, and thank y...
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These are lovely, Neza, and thank you for them. :) Keep up the good work!
File: deeui09-08-11
dee, you'll want to delete the foll...
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dee, you'll want to delete the following lines from your Config.WTF and reupload your UI: line 01 - SET locale "enGB" line 18 - SET accountName "" line 28 - SET realmName "Auchindoun" line 48 - SET patchlist "enGB.patch.battle.net:1119/patch" The player's client should set those lines to the defau...
File: Ara Broker XP08-01-11
Slight bug when at less than 5% XP left to go
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The bug is in the "x bubbles to go" display text - when you're at 1 bubble, it says "1 bubblebubbles left". I looked into editing the lua for the addon, but I'm not sure how you're picking which string to display (bubble or bubbles) - I've never bothered much with the :format() on the end of a string (well, okay, bothered with it...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)07-03-11
Totalpackage, thank you for the rec...
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Totalpackage, thank you for the recent update to StUF! I've been championing your Unit Frames addon since early Wrath in the MMO-C forums. :) Would it be possible to get support for Masque in the next update? ButtonFacade is changing it's name to Masque. Now, any time I load StUF with Masque installed, the StUF config frame is...
File: GnomishVendorShrinker06-28-11
Display problem in 4.2
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For those who still use GVS in Patch 4.2, a small glitch is happening - items aren't color coded by quality, and are preceded by the 8 hex digits that SHOULD describe the color - white items, for example, are preceded by ffffffff. To fix this, change line 252 from for i=1,7 do quality_colors = select(4, GetItemQualityColor(i))...
File: Tron Tribute MTP01-06-11
Gorgeous artwork, Landrell, and I'm...
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Gorgeous artwork, Landrell, and I'm glad to hear that you're going to continue to update it. :-)
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)12-22-10
Started getting this bug with the m...
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Started getting this bug with the most recent release of StUF: 1x Stuf-4.0.007\core.lua:699: TexCoord out of range Stuf-4.0.007\core.lua:699: in function `SetValue' Stuf-4.0.007\bars.lua:75: in function Stuf-4.0.007\bars.lua:323: in function `b' Stuf-4.0.007\core.lua:1494: in function `CreateUnitFrame' St...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-09-10
Re: Re: Re: Version conflict
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Originally posted by Elloria I can't see my LFG Icon in config mode. Ive reset the positions and still can't seem to see it. I'm having the exact same issue, sadly. In Config Mode, not in party, LFG Role Icon is enabled, width/height both at 20, frame level set well above the other items in my UF, Opacity all the way to 1, and...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-07-10
Re: [name:class] Not Functioning
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Originally posted by TheRealArkayn For some strange reason, I cannot get to color my texts in class colors. I went a step further with Lua texts (truncating to 4 characters) like this: function(unit, cache, textframe) local unit = UnitClass("unit") local color = RAID_CLASS_COLORS local r,g,b = color.r, color.g, color.b loca...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-07-10
Originally posted by steppin ther...
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Originally posted by steppin there is no option for focus target .. that's what i was looking for It's there in the list of frames between "Focus" and "Party1" on my copy. Frame list goes: Global, Player, Target, Pet, Target Target, Target x3, Focus, Focus Target, Party 1... etc.
File: RaidStatus06-13-10
jsz, I believe that's the tooltip.
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jsz, I believe that's the tooltip.
File: ButtonFacade: Svelte06-02-10
Dear God, Ferous - the new skin is...
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Dear God, Ferous - the new skin is SEXY.
File: Satrina Buff Frames 305-30-10
Originally posted by WaldoJeffers...
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Originally posted by WaldoJeffers Hey guys, I just want to see when my slice and dice is up and also a few other buffs, would it be hard to just have these buffs displayed and no others? Thanks Set the frame to be a WHITELIST, and then go to the Spells tab, and select the buffs/debuffs you want to be shown from that list.
File: ColorTools04-08-10
Re: Is an eyedropper tool possible?
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Originally posted by Vesuuvius Absolutely, positively, the ONLY thing lacking in this tool (or any of the color pickers) is an eyedropper tool for sampling the colors already in your UIm live and in-game. The only other way I know to match colors (other than pick an arbitrary hex value and institute it across the board) is to scre...
File: nUI Dark Daisy04-02-10
It's not that it's not transparent...
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It's not that it's not transparent at the bottom - it's that nUI makes a viewport, so all that's down there to be seen is a black bar. A viewport means that you don't actually lose as much viewing space as you might expect from such a large "dashboard", and as a bonus you get a widescreen effect.
File: Broker TankInfo02-27-10
Why did you choose a level 85 enemy...
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Why did you choose a level 85 enemy? There are no enemies in the game that are level 85 currently - the highest are raid bosses, which are level 83.
File: Quest Logger01-10-10
This could be interesting. Install...
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This could be interesting. Installing this to help collect the data - it'll run on my low level alts (both Horde and Alliance). When it comes time to do the voice recording, I'd like to be in on that too - I regularly get comments about my voice on vent/ts (and when I worked as an operator at a 500 room hotel, too).
File: After Dark12-20-09
Oh, I remember the days... 2 of the...
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Oh, I remember the days... 2 of the 3.5" floppy disks, with the "After Dark" toaster logo on them... and like 25 screensavers... for $20. And all the cool screensavers that it had. :)
File: GupPet12-10-09
Getting this error post 3.3. Doesn...
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Getting this error post 3.3. Doesn't seem to have any effect, though. 1x ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'GupPet' tried to call the protected function 'GupPet_IngameFrameTemplate:Show()'. : in function `Show' GupPet-1.209\GupPet.lua:244: in function `GupPet_OnEvent' :"*:OnEvent":1: in function <:1>