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File: Roth UI (Diablo)12-21-14
Redraw an actionbar
Posted By: dmunkie
I need to redraw an action bar for be a 3x4 to mimic the keypad on a Naga mouse. My lua skills are slim to none, and not really wanting to use dominos if i can help it. Any help would be appreciated
File: Ara Broker SpecSwitcher09-01-12
GetSpecializationInfo(), i noticed...
Posted By: dmunkie
GetSpecializationInfo(), i noticed the error with this API as well. Tidy Plates is reporting this error as well. for example Which i switch to Elemental, tiday plates reports me as ele. But when i switch to resto, Tidy plates think's im enhanced. it uses the same call as in this add-on. hopefully it gets fixed.
File: ElvUI10-13-10
BLizzard raid frames
Posted By: dmunkie
I'm running into the same issue with the default tukui as well. i want to use the new raid frames blizzard put in the latest patch, but when i'm in a raid the new raid frames dont show up. are they being hidden by anychance?
File: oUF_Hank03-27-10
Is there a way to make the health c...
Posted By: dmunkie
Is there a way to make the health color class colored?
File: FlightMap01-29-09
Flight Timer Disable
Posted By: dmunkie
I've had the same issue withe the flight timer appearing even, though it's not unchecked. What i've usually done is as soon as i log in, I check, then uncheck the option for the flight timer. That works, but i have to do it every time i log in. For some reason everytime you load up WoW it uses it's defaults and overrides and settings...