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File: GoFish06-11-13
Sound effects
Posted By: Ault
I love this addon for the double right click, but I don't like the sound changes, and clearing the checkbox doesn't turn it off...
File: sFishing03-11-13
Would it be possible to make it so...
Posted By: Ault
Would it be possible to make it so it works without equipping a fishing pole as well? That would be great!
File: Deadly Boss Mods12-17-12
Latest version
Posted By: Ault
The latest version of DBM isn't at www.deadlybossmods.com anymore - the newest version there is still for Cata. Try http://dev.deadlybossmods.com instead.
File: EatIt12-03-12
Heheh. Pity I just reverted my drui...
Posted By: Ault
Heheh. Pity I just reverted my druid to Night Elf (Shadowmeld FTW). BTW, I just downloaded the addon to look at the sayings, and I noticed a typo: resurrect should have 2 r's.
File: GTFO05-12-12
Donation popup?
Posted By: Ault
I love this addon! If I could only have one addon, this would be it. I'd like to send you a donation, but when I download it, no donation popup appears up like for other addons...
File: Drash_AutoLockBar12-02-11
I used to have another addon that did this
Posted By: Ault
But then I learned that when your buttons are locked to prevent accidental moving, you don't need to go in the interface menu to unlock them every time you want to (re)move a button. You can just press Shift to unlock them temporarily while you drag them.
File: Dresser10-19-11
I do use it, and I love it! Thank y...
Posted By: Ault
I do use it, and I love it! Thank you very much for making it and keeping it alive.
File: wIn107-06-11
Originally posted by weasoug upda...
Posted By: Ault
Originally posted by weasoug updated i hope you enjoy. let me know. Sorry for the late reply. Many thanks for making this improvement, I love it! :-)
File: wIn105-22-11
I like the new interrupt message, b...
Posted By: Ault
I like the new interrupt message, but I wish it wouldn't announce in /s when I'm soloing. Could you change it to announce in whatever the channel is called where I only see it myself? That'd be awesome!
File: EnoughPoints04-04-11
Couldn't you make it so that the ad...
Posted By: Ault
Couldn't you make it so that the addon warns you when you're about to start a dungeon? It's not very nice to the other people to leave a dungeon halfway. You could have it check the number of points when you start the Dungeon Finder, for example.
File: XqoLoot03-27-11
Posted By: Ault
I'm getting an error: Message: Interface\AddOns\XqoLoot\XqoLoot.lua:23: bad argument #1 to 'lower' (string expected, got nil) Time: 03/27/11 12:33:53 Count: 3 Stack: : in function `lower' Interface\AddOns\XqoLoot\XqoLoot.lua:23: in function `XqoLoot_OnLoot' :1: in function <:1> Locals: (*temporary) = nil (*temporary) = "s...
File: MyLoot03-27-11
Autoloot money
Posted By: Ault
Great addon! Is there a way to make it autoloot money, too?
File: BasicChatMods02-27-11
Box keeps being re-checked
Posted By: Ault
I love the addon, but there's one little problem: I like to have the time stamp the same color as the rest of the line, but I have to keep unchecking the check box for the time stamp color, every time I log on to a character or reload the interface. Is it possible to make the addon remember the setting?
File: Critter Emote Fanupdate12-22-10
Re: Guild Achievement
Posted By: Ault
Originally posted by Caramirdan Thanks for this add-on--it looks like it'll be welcome, especially now that people are killing critters so much for guild achievement credit--might accidentally kill one when we should've /love 'ed it first, unaware that the zone we're in still has critters to /love. You can also /love dead critt...
File: Dyzcypul Quest Query12-17-10
Doesn't work for me
Posted By: Ault
I tried looking up 2 quests I'm sure I have done, and it said I haven't completed them. :(
File: LockActionBarsInCombat12-04-10
Good idea! But did you know that if...
Posted By: Ault
Good idea! But did you know that if you lock your action bars, you can still move buttons by pressing Shift while you drag them?
File: Reputation Gain Notify11-30-10
Very nice addon!
Posted By: Ault
I do have a request though: please make it track Gilneas reputation, too.
File: Highlight - the local bag search tool10-25-10
Many thanks Taxidriveer! :) I real...
Posted By: Ault
Many thanks Taxidriveer! :) I really missed this addon! BTW, McAfee SiteAdvisor gives a warning about megaupload (says it has spyware/adware). It appears to be safe to download Taxi's file though (it opened a new browser window with an advertisement, that was all).
File: Altoholic10-25-10
An action was blocked in combat...
Posted By: Ault
I love Altholic, but I keep getting that message, and according to the taint log, Altoholic is the culprit. Here is an example: 10/24 22:47:16.851 An action was blocked in combat because of taint from Altoholic - WorldMapBlobFrame:Show() 10/24 22:47:16.851 Interface\FrameXML\WorldMapFrame.lua:1623 WorldMapFrame_DisplayQuest...
File: DigsBagRename10-11-10
The name is attached to the bag slo...
Posted By: Ault
The name is attached to the bag slot, not the bag, but as long as you don't move full bags around you won't mind. Ah, what a shame. The reason I'd like to name my bags is that I do just that sometimes, moving full bags between my inventory and the bank...
File: SkillScore05-07-10
In the description it says somewher...
Posted By: Ault
In the description it says somewhere to press 'STRG', but I'm afraid many people won't know what that means. If I'm not mistaken, it is used on German keyboards for the key which is called 'Ctrl' on keyboards made for other countries. Might be a good idea to add that to the description. ;-)
File: VirtualPing (AVR)04-27-10
If I have AVR and VirtualPing, will...
Posted By: Ault
If I have AVR and VirtualPing, will I be able to see pings by people who haven't, or does the pinger need to have them too?
File: Overachiever02-09-10
Re: Re: Re: From yesterday's taint.log
Posted By: Ault
Originally posted by Lorelei I get the same error, and it's the in-game yellow "blocked action" text. It happens when I open the Looking for Raid window and then close it, but it doesn't seem to cause a crash or anything. With me, I get the same in-game message (at totally random moments, as far as I can tell), then when I loo...
File: ItemRack01-26-10
Posted By: Ault
Since patch 3.3, I'm getting more error messages in the game saying "an interface action failed because of an AddOn". It looks like Itemrack is one of the culprits. From yesterdays taint.log: 1/25 20:06:13.062 Execution tainted by ItemRack while reading ItemRackButton20 - getglobal() 1/25 20:06:13.062 Interface\AddOns\ItemRac...
File: Overachiever01-24-10
From yesterday's taint.log
Posted By: Ault
1/23 23:29:15.906 Execution tainted by Overachiever while reading CombatLogQuickButtonFrame_Custom - Interface\FrameXML\FloatingChatFrame.lua:761 FCF_OnUpdate() 1/23 23:29:15.906 UIParent:OnUpdate() 1/23 23:29:15.906 An action was blocked because of taint from Overachiever - SearchLFGLeave() 1/23 23:29:15.906 Interface...