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File: PhanxChat02-22-08
Killjoy!! I kid, I kid ;) Yah,...
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Killjoy!! I kid, I kid ;) Yah, I can appreciate not having to drill down 8 levels to change every little thing. Looks like the lua head config options should give me (easy) access to what I'm looking to do, so should be set thanks!
File: PhanxChat02-21-08
Any possibility to allow custom sho...
Posted By: bitbybit
Any possibility to allow custom shortening/replacement text for channel names and events like incoming/outgoing whispers? I like to remove a lot of the channel names (guild, party, raid) and just rely on the channel colors to differentiate as it frees up more clutter than having shortened or full length names, but some I like to sho...
File: tekJunkSeller01-13-08
Yayaya! <3
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Yayaya! <3
File: Minimap Button Frame12-12-07
<3 <3 <3 the addon :) One bug I...
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<3 <3 <3 the addon :) One bug I noticed is that if you change the padding and then scale it, it behaves much differently than if you scale it and then change the padding. In my case, it seems like the padding is a ratio of the current scale, rather than a constant regardless of size. The problem is that if I scale to 1.0 and the...
File: PerfectRaid10-06-07
Perfect raid randomly locking up when joining BGs?
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I have a problem where when I join BGs, sometimes Perfect Raid appears to lock-up WoW completely, forcing a hard restart of the game. This has been happening for a few months using r122, so I don't believe it to be an issue specific to the latest batch of WoW patches. I've swapped in other raid frames (Grid, Healbot) for Perfect Ra...
File: OnScreen09-09-07
Great idea for a mod :) I wonder h...
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Great idea for a mod :) I wonder how hard it would be to be able to add your own strings for your OnScreen to look for and act on? I'll definitely keep tabs on it, especially once you get a GUI going!
File: NameCycle05-25-07
Continue to <3 this mod after years...
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Continue to <3 this mod after years of use :)
File: Bongos212-15-06
Have to say, i'm not a big fan of t...
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Have to say, i'm not a big fan of the new castbar graphic. Any chance you could implement an option to toggle back to "classic" cast bar if nothing else? Thanks!
File: PerfectRaid09-05-06
Probably wrong place for this, but...
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Probably wrong place for this, but the new update is fan-friggin-tastic! :) Very very nice, and imo more usable and friendly looking. And the lock feature... i'm in heaven :) Thanks for the kickass addon! (and clique is money too ;))